Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations in SA

Shawn and I celebrated our sixteenth anniversary in January. ❤️ We’ve seen a few changes over those sixteen years. We’ve gone from our early twenties to our late late-ish thirties. The days of being skinny and fit without even trying (ah, youth!) have been replaced by the weekly Sunday evening resolutions to start eating better and working out. We went from knowing nothing about parenting while talking about how we would have our own little family one day, to actually having a tween of our own.

Something that hasn’t changed though (and something we’ve passed on to our little one), is our mutual love of travel, all the way back from road trips in our little car with no air con. Nothing keeps me happily glued to my iPad like planning a trip on Travelstart, whether it’s for a long weekend, a longer family holiday, or quick anniversary escape destinations with this guy. ☺️

Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations

Memories to Last a Lifetime

I love that our anniversary is in January, or more specifically, at the tail end of our December/January holiday. It’s our one opportunity to get away for a proper length of time, and it turns into one big celebration of our special day. It also means that we usually get to celebrate whilst doing the thing we love – exploring places new to us.

I feel truly blessed and grateful to have spent a few anniversaries in cities I’d only ever dreamed of visiting (hello Seoul!), and the memories are beyond precious. I mean, Winter nights in Paris, cozying up to the one you love and gazing at the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower (toddler blissfully asleep in her stroller 😁)… it might sound like a scene from a cheesy made-for-tv rom-com, but it’s also proper top of the wishlist stuff!

Quick anniversary escape destinations

Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations in South Africa

Most of our anniversaries though, have been spent in South Africa. International travel isn’t always practical for regular folk like us, especially not with how sorrowfully the Rand fares in most places around the world. Fortunately, we really do have a beautiful country. There are still so many places to discover here, many of which make for fantastic quick anniversary escape destinations. We’ve been to a few, and I’m sharing three of my favourites today. If you’re looking for suggestions for a special trip, I hope these help.

Mkuze: Ghost Mountain Inn

Ghost Mountain Inn lies at the foot of Mkuze’s legendary Ghost Mountain. We loved how quiet and peaceful the place was. You could easily doze off by the pool after chatting and sipping on cocktails. If a pamper is what you’re after, you could head to the spa. We had a couple’s massage when we were there for our anniversary two years ago, and it was wonderful. The room is a good size, the food was great, and the staff were lovely. We chose a package when we booked that included tours that gave you a chance to see the area. You can read my full review here.

Magaliesburg: La Provence D’ Afrique

We stumbled upon this French themed place when looking for last minute accommodation three years ago, and I’ve actually been thinking of booking another trip there soon. Some highlights are the Street Café where dinner is delivered in a basket, breakfast by the river, and the cute vintage Chevy truck which is also a bar! Oh, and I can’t not mention the Forest Spa. It’s a spa, in the forest! If that doesn’t scream relaxing, then I don’t know what does. 😁 We couldn’t resist! Best hot stone massages ever! You’ll find a more detailed post about La Provence D’ Afrique here.

Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations - La Provence

Hluhluwe: Falaza Game Park & Spa

Our first stay at Falaza wasn’t too long after we got married. We loved it so much, we returned about two years later. It’s gorgeous, tranquil, and the perfect anniversary destination. We were there years ago, but it’s a memorable place that we still talk about, and want to visit again! Luxury tents, safari experiences, delicious food, and an amazing spa (had my first paraffin pedicure and full body massage here) – there’s nothing not to love about this place!

Quick Anniversary Escape Destinations - Falaza

So those are my three picks for a romantic anniversary getaway. They’re all family friendly, so the littles could also go with. I’d love to know what your favourite local destinations are. Leave a comment and let me know which ones you recommend.

This post is written in collaboration with Travelstart.

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