Travel Photo Diary – L’Open Bus Tour Paris

This year, it was time to hand over my iPad to Zee (although let’s face it, she’s been the boss of it, and the one who was most clued up on how it all worked, since I first got it when she was just two years old).

Shawn bought me an iPad Pro in January – with a Smart Keyboard (which has proven to be invaluable for writing blog posts) and an Apple Pencil, because he’s cute like that. So the time had come to delete the social media apps, and anything else unnecessary for a little one, and officially hand over Ol’ Faithful.

A few days ago, Zee came to sit next to me with it, and started showing me some old pics, and telling me all the stories she remembered from when they were taken. It’s amazing how much they remember.

There was a whole bunch of pics from a day out in Paris. This was from our first holiday there, when she was three years old, yet she told me stuff about many of the pics, as if she had been there just yesterday.

I realized that I’d never shared these pics here, so I thought a photo diary was in order, of our day on L’Open Bus Tour.

We chose to start our tour at The Louvre, and our last stop was at the gorgeous twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. Our adventurous three year old explorer obviously wanted to sit on the top, open level of the bus. This meant that we sat on the top, open level of the bus. Cold? What cold?

Some highlights of the bus tour:

* There are 4 lines, 50 stops, and more than 100 sights
* Hop-on, hop-off as you wish
* Audio guide available in 10 languages
* An audio channel especially for kids, with stories and tales of Paris

All the pics were taken on the iPad, so some of them (especially those taken at night) aren’t perfect. They’re incredibly special to me though, and highlight one of the most wonderful days spent in our favourite city in the world. ❤

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