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  1. Postbox Courier says:

    How to hold of the latest baby products and accessories from overseas which are currently unavailable in South Africa. Get it delivered to your door securely and reliably within 3-5 days – cheaper than normal courier costs – and done simply from the comfort of your home?

    Postbox-Courier provides you with a personal address and central delivery point in the US, UK, SA, Australia and China to which online purchases are sent, grouped into one delivery, shipped to South Africa, cleared through customs via our Johannesburg depot and delivered to your door countrywide or alternatively have your products delivered abroad.
    Registration is free and there are no monthly membership, handling or storage fees and no account needed with secure payment options.

    Check out http://www.postbox-courier.com, a South African online retail logistics service provider that saves its customers up to 70% of their shipping and courier costs.

    Also, watch the video on our Facebook page for more information.

    South Africa’s only affordable online retail logistics service provider.

  2. Tirath says:

    Good morning. I am looking to manufacture about 40 dinner candles with double wicks, for an upcoming feature film. Please advise as to the possibility of this. Thank you .

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