Our Hanbok Experience in Seoul

We didn’t have a great amount of time to plan exactly what we were going to do in in Seoul, before we left on our first ever Asian holiday. We didn’t know a huge deal about the city either! We knew that it didn’t require a visa (thank heavens, as our holiday planning this time was even more last minute than usual), the food was apparently fantastic, and it was home to BTS. Mind-blowing fact: In 2017, the chart-topping group was the reason that 1 in 13 tourists visited South Korea!

When we arrived in Seoul, I searched online for things to do. Something that caught my eye was a hanbok experience, complete with a visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace. I was sure that Zee would absolutely love that. Little did I realize just how tremendously I – the mom, the adult, the person who made the booking as something fun for her child – would enjoy every second of it!

There’s something magical about wearing those beautiful traditional outfits, in that incredible city which I’d never dreamt we’d actually visit anytime soon. The moment I stepped into my pink and silver hanbok, I felt like a princess (or rather a queen, according to Zee, since she’s the princess). Zee was saying something to me while I was gazing at myself in the full length mirror, and I was like “not now baby, mommy’s having a moment!” 😂

Hanbok rental from Hanboknam

I’m so glad we discovered the Klook app while we were in Hong Kong. I booked Hanboknam’s Winter Promo hanbok experience on it, and it was truly worth it. The discounted price on Klook was so good, I bought a voucher for each of us, and Shawn also agreed to get in on the fun.

Our booking included rental of the hanboks for 4 hours, with a Winter accessory (shawl/bolero/scarf/earmuffs etc), and hairstyling. Hanboknam has an amazing selection of hanboks, and if you don’t find the one you want, there’s another branch just a few stores away. Park, the young lady who assisted us was friendly and helpful, as was true of so many people we met in Seoul. Once you choose the two hanboks you’d like to try on, she helps you wear them, and then she styles your hair – Zee opted for a bun, and I chose a braid.

Here’s a little video showing what happens at Hanboknam, and Zee’s transformation into a Korean princess:

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Once we were all dressed and feeling like royals, we headed to a palace – obviously. I was feeling like proper royalty, and I needed to be in appropriate surroundings. 😁

Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395, during the early years of the Joseon Dynasty, and was the main royal palace. War and invasion saw the destruction of this beautiful palace, but efforts to fully restore it began in 1990. It is one of the most iconic sights in Korea, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to see it. The grounds were filled with other “royals” taking in the sights, taking photos, and not noticing how cold it was because they were also enjoying the experience too much.

Hanbok Experience
Hanbok Experience
Hanbok Experience
When it’s so cold, only mommy’s jacket will do.
Hanbok Experience
Mommy, on the other hand, was so busy living her best life that she didn’t even notice that it was freezing! 😂
Hanbok Experience
Hanbok Experience

Is this a must do when in Seoul?

Seoul is such a fabulous, modern city with loads to do. It’s also massive, which means we totally have to visit again, so we can do EVERYTHING! And in the middle of it all, you find this palace and these clothes from an era usually only seen in historical K-Dramas. It’s an opportunity to go back in time, and feel like a royal for a few hours… and it’s just so much fun – there was laughter, twirling, more laughter, and even some serious pouting and sulking when it was time to return the hanboks (and all of that was just me). So yes, it’s definitely at the top of my “must do when in Seoul” list!

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11 thoughts on “Our Hanbok Experience in Seoul

  1. Lucy At Home says:

    I’m not sure that my other comment was submitted properly so I’m writing it again…!

    This looks like so much! What a great way to bring the palace to life and become fully immersed in the experience. You all look fab! #blogcrush

  2. Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

    What an amazing experience to be able to dress up as a princess and have photos in front of a palace. You all look stunning in the traditional wear. It sounds like a must do when visiting *even for the grown ups! Thank you for sharing your travels with the #DreamTeam linky. What a treat.

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