Hello Kitty Island at N Seoul Tower

There’s so much I have to share about the cities we visited this past holiday – where we stayed, things we did, the food we ate (the FOOD you guys, especially the food in Seoul! 😍). Today though, continuing with the “Things to do in Seoul when you travel with kids”  theme from my previous post, it’s all about Hello Kitty Island at N Seoul Tower. 

It’s a Hello Kitty flower wall! 😍

What is Hello Kitty Island?

Hello Kitty Island is every little girl’s dream museum, with each section being a different room in Hello Kitty’s super cute house. Little ones take a stamp tour through the museum, adding stamps to their map along the way. They can also choose to make a donation of 1000 Won, and receive a picture to colour in and then turn into a badge.

As soon as you enter, there’s a pretty unique apple height chart, and kids can see how tall they are compared to Hello Kitty herself. Zee was two whole apples taller, and pretty pleased about it.

There’s also a History Wall – photos showing off all her fabulous looks from every year, right from the start in 1974. Zee found her year, and I love that pic of Hello Kitty – so chic! 😊

There’s also a little Hello Kitty World display, where she’s dressed in different traditional outfits.

Hello Kitty House

The first room you see is the living room. There are pink couches and the cutest book shelves! Hello Kitty may be super stylish with tons of fabulous outfits, but she’s also a girl who loves books, and we love that! 😊

The kitchen was probably my personal favourite. The appliances, the dishes, it was all so adorable! Zee said that she was sure the dumplings made in that special steamer would be extra yummy.

We loved this Hello Kitty steamer!

You already know her bedroom is going to be fabulous, complete with a baby grand piano!

No house is complete without a dining room, perfect for a grand feast, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Themed table, chairs, and mirrors. There were even Hello Kitty macaroons! 😊

Taking the tour through this sweet little museum makes you feel like a kid again. At the end, you can even sit down for a bit and draw your own Hello Kitty while your little one colours in the picture that’s going to become their badge. You can also write a little message and tie it to the heart-shaped archway before you leave.

Here’s a video so you can walk through Hello Kitty Island with us:

The little ones are sure to enjoy a visit to Hello Kitty Island (although, we saw teenagers and adults without kids enjoy it just as much). Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan, N Seoul Tower with its gorgeous views is something you absolutely have to do when in Seoul, so you may as well buy tickets to the museum and give the little ones a surprise that will definitely make them smile.

Helpful tip, because I’m nice 😁:

I bought our Observatory + Hello Kitty combo tickets on Klook.com, and it seems like they always have really good deals on all sorts of combo tickets.

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