#GirlMomsMeetUp – Disney Be Amazing x Toy Kingdom

When I started chatting to my blogging buddies, Carly from Mom Of Two Little Girls, and Chanene from Tonic & Tiaras, I don’t think that even we realized that what we had in mind would in fact become a reality. And yet, here we are, exhausted and so, so happy the day after a successful first #GirlMomsMeetUp event. ?

What’s the #GirlMomsMeetUp all about?

Just in case you missed Carly’s post during the week… the #GirlMomsMeetUp came about when we saw that there was a gap in the mommy blogger field for moms of girls ages 5 to 10. There are a few of us out there, but a lot of the work/proposals that come our way are actually aimed at moms with babies or toddlers. We thought it would be nice to arrange a small meet up where mommy bloggers could discuss ideas and possible opportunities and collaborations. We also decided that we wanted our girls to be a part of the event. After all, what we do is largely inspired by them.

Toy Kingdom

We were thrilled and humbled when brands began responding so positively. Many expressed their love for the concept, as well as interest in getting involved. One such brand was Toy Kingdom. I remember being so overwhelmed by their response, that I was almost shaking (and grinning uncontrollably) when I told Shawn.

Toy Kingdom offered to host us at one of their stores, as the #GirlMomMeetUp concept tied in perfectly with their current campaign in collaboration with Disney. The Disney Be Amazing campaign aims to encourage young girls to reach for the stars, face their fears, and be amazing in anything that they do. The campaign runs until the end of April, so they asked if we would join them earlier in the month.



It was thanks to a suggestion by Shawn (who, by the way, is THE best blogger husband in the world) that we decided to split the Girl Moms Meet Up into two events – the Disney Be AMAZING / Build-A-Bear one at Toy Kingdom, and the other at a different venue on our original date. And I’m so glad that we didn’t decline this AMAZING offer (see what I did there? ?)

Once we confirmed that we’d be attending, each of the girls received a special Disney Princess delivery a few days before the event. Here’s Zee telling us more about hers.

During this very special campaign, Toy Kingdom also has a sale on, with incredible savings on their huge selection of Disney Princess products. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat little princesses.



We’re actually doing this!

Finally the day arrived, and I’m not saying that it IS the case, but there is a possibility that I may have been even more excited than my little girl! So excited (and nervous) in fact, that I got there an hour early, just to make sure everything was sorted and ready for us. It was. And how! ?



A very special party was arranged for the girls. Each of them got to make a gorgeous Disney Princess bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. There were so many squeals of excitement (from the children too ?) as bears were chosen and then stuffed; the perfect dresses were selected; hearts were placed inside the bears; birth certificates were printed; and finally the pretty Princess bears were dressed.

The Build-A-Bear experience is always so special, and I absolutely love that you can now choose Build-A-Bear Workshops as a venue for kids parties!






Brunch & fun time

All that bear building made everyone very hungry, so the delicious sweet and savory treats provided especially for us by Fournos Bakery were greatly appreciated, and happily devoured! ?


Once everyone’s tummies were sufficiently filled, Cherish (our fabulous host) had the girls line up, and follow her around the shop, like a really cute (and really excited) train.

Next, Cherish gave each of the girls a Magic Balloon tube, and told them that whoever blew the biggest balloon would win a surprise. The big competition resulted in a tie between Carly’s older daughter and Zee. They were so excited to win twin Snow White dolls.


And there was yet another surprise – Toadie had arrived to hand out even more gifts… and to take photos with everyone, obvs. ? Look out for a Zeeview coming soon on YouTube, where Zee is going to tell you all about her beautiful new surprise. (If you haven’t already, subscribe here so you never miss a thing)



Our first #GirlMomsMeetUp was an absolute success, AND so much fun. The girls were beyond spoilt by Toy Kingdom, and we’re so grateful for the incredible support that they’ve shown us for our first ever event. I can’t wait for the next one! ?

Make sure you’re following our Instagram account, to catch photos, videos, and Stories of the next #GirlMomsMeetUp as it happens.

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19 thoughts on “#GirlMomsMeetUp – Disney Be Amazing x Toy Kingdom

  1. Daddy Poppins says:

    That’s a great idea. You’re building a little community of friends. They definitely look like they enjoyed themselves. I know I would have a I’m a 38 year old man. The excitement levels must have been off the charts.

  2. Melissa Javan says:

    This really looks like fun! And we’re getting a glimpse of Toy Kingdom; I didn’t know it was such an interactive store. Looks like it’s designed to make you stay a long while.

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