Baby Wipes | Stuff That Moms Can’t Live Without {+ WIN}

What’s the one baby product that you’ve never stopped buying, even after your baby was no longer a baby, or even a toddler? I kinda’ feel like the majority of you will answer baby wipes / wet wipes… am I right?

Shawn and I started buying baby wipes when I was pregnant, in preparation for the countless diaper changes that we were soon going to deal with. That was almost nine years ago. Funny thing is, we still haven’t stopped (buying the baby wipes that is; we said goodbye to diaper changes a LONG time ago!).

We literally have never NOT had a pack of wet wipes in our home! There’s always a pack (generally more) in the house; a pack in the car; and a pack in whichever bag I’m carrying. And it’s not just about Zee. The two of us are also so dependent on them.

No sanitizer wipes for the trolley? Pass me a wet wipe.

Specs looking a little too dirty? Do you have a wet wipe?

Spilled something on your shirt? Quick, wet wipe me!

Of course, they do also come in handy for the little person too… Like when she’s been in the play area of a restaurant before the food arrives, and I need to practically bathe her with baby wipes before she can sit down to eat. ? #paranoidmoms

baby wipes

Needless to say, when I recently received a press drop from Cherubs containing baby wipes, I was one happy mommy! It didn’t hurt that there were yummy macarons in there as well, but let’s face it – we all know that the number one item on my “things I cannot live without list” was what made me happiest! ?

Whilst some contents of the hamper had to be passed on to a friend with a little baby, we’ve been loving the wipes, and the (get this!) flushable ECOtton buds and rounds!


I have two Cherubs hampers to give away to two moms!

Each hamper consists of the following:

• Fragrance free baby wipes
• Lightly fragranced baby wipes
• Flushable ECOtton buds
• Flushable ECOtton rounds
• Nursing pads
• Nappy sacks
• A macaron treat for mom

To enter, comment on this blog post and let me know how old your little one is.

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* All steps must be followed in order for your entry to be valid.
* Giveaway is open until 23 April 2018 at 13:00.
* Only ONE comment is required. Multiple comments will not be taken into account.
* Winner will be announced within 2 days after giveaway closes.
* Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash.
* Prize will be sent by the supplier, and delivery may take up to a few weeks.
* Open to South African residents only.

43 thoughts on “Baby Wipes | Stuff That Moms Can’t Live Without {+ WIN}

  1. Lynn Botha says:

    My kids are 7 and 6. I had such a good chuckle reading your post. Wet Wipes is a part of my monthly shopping list.. and its not one packet, its a six pack. There is a packet on my kitchen counter.. (wipes the counter tops down fantastically too might I add). And our latest use.. we adopted 2 kittens.. and they love standing on their oopsies in the litter tray while they are still learning how to cover it.. wipes cleans their little paws fantastically.. I have 2 friends who are having babies soon, I would love to win this for one of them 🙂 Thanks

  2. Carly says:

    I totally agree with you my eldest is 11 and youngest is 5 and we havent stopped buying since before my eldest was born 🙂

  3. Leandra says:

    Wet wipes is the 101 of parenting!! Cant go without it or go anywhere without it!! Discovered Cherubs about 2 weeks ago and im hooked. Love them!!
    Hunter is now 1 year old.

  4. Theshnee Reddy says:

    I can never do without wet wipes.. We have a pack in every room and every bag..
    I have a 7 month old and a 17 month old.. Both boys.. Both get up to mischief and wet wipes are used hourly if not almost every second or third minute..

  5. Salochana Naidoo says:

    Our baby boy just turned 2 … We, too, need wetwipes in every possible place possible, indoors and oudoors. We’ve just added the Baby & Toddler Toilet Training wipes to our shopping!

  6. Roanne Lalsab says:

    My little nephew is 27 months old, and I also need to make sure I’m fully stocked of wet wipes for when he visits ?

  7. Anusha Naidoo says:

    Amaani is 2 years old
    Wet Wipes is a must have for our precious little princess.
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway I enjoyed reading the article.

  8. Tiffany lottering says:

    My baby boy is a month old. I’d be so lost without it .my eldest is turning 11 and we always have had wetwipes handy since she was born.

  9. Nicole young says:

    I absolutely love cherubs for myself an my 1 year old son, it leaves our skin soft and smooth an I love the stretchy and thick feeling it has. Would always recommend it to new moms?

  10. Nirisa Govender says:

    Hi I have 3 sons. eldest 7…then 4 and my baby is 8 weeks old.
    I use wipes for all them!
    I would really appreciate this prize! ?

  11. Hlungepi Vutela says:

    My little one (first child) is due on the 19th of May and I am so excited. I can’t wait to meet him and the Cherubs hamper will be very useful as it has everything I need for a newborn.

    Hope I win ?❤

  12. Elaine van Huyssteen says:

    Wow wow wow…. I use loads and loads of wipes!my baby girl just turned 1yr and then I have 2 othe kids. My 5yr old is in that stage were she has to wipe herself after using the toilet so wipes is a must there aswel. Not to mention the pkt in my car, hubbys car, handbag, baby bag …… the list can go on and on

  13. Cara Bosch says:

    Hi, Oh yes we use wipes for all kinds of things. I even use it for my underarms as I sweat excessively. My youngest child is 7. I am however entering as I’d love to win this for a friend expecting her firstborn in August.

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