Zee Update: February 2018 – New year, new month, new hairstyle.

My little person’s hair has grown so much! It’s so beautiful, and she loves keeping it open. She also loves running, twirling, dancing, tumbling, and jumping… all whilst said long, beautiful hair is open and free, leading to crazy tangles, a mom armed with detangling spray and hairbrush, a whole bunch of “Owww mommy that hurts”, and tears (mine, not hers).

new hairstyle

Tangled – The Series (no, not the one on Disney)

So here’s the series of events leading to Tangle-Town:

1. Most days, at some point in the morning, she opens the plait/plaits I make for her at bedtime the night before.
Result: Tangles form over the course of the day.

2. I usually have her hair trimmed every month, or at least every two months. Somehow I’d managed to miss the last five months! The last trim was at the beginning of September! (#badmom)
Result: Hair nowhere near as healthy and shiny as it usually is. Go straight to Tangle-Town. Do not pass begin. Do not collect R200. ? (I feel awful you guys; this one’s totally on me)

new hairstyle

3. Holiday in KZN! Sun. Wind. Swimming. Repeat.
Result: Tangles. So many tangles.

This past Thursday, after yet another detangling battle, I finally accepted defeat. ☹️ I called our hairdresser and made an appointment. Her hair was pretty damaged, and I was afraid fighting with it constantly would lead to breakage.

Now as I mentioned, I have Zee’s hair trimmed regularly. Well not the last five months, but you know, usually. ? Those cuts are just a centimeter or two off the ends. No big deal.

This time I knew we had to cut off a little more, to try and remedy the situation. What I didn’t know was how big of a lump I’d have in my throat when I actually watched it happen on Saturday. What is the deal with mom emotions? I mean, all it took was the sound of the scissors, and I was done. ?

 new hairstyle

new hairstyle

When you realize you new hairstyle is actually super cute

She was a little shocked (and kind of sad… cue the mom guilt) when she saw how much had been cut off. After a little while though – and an overly enthusiastic pep talk from me about how it’s just hair, and how I’m loving her new summer look – she started getting used to it. She says that she misses her long hair and hopes it grows quickly, but that this new hairstyle is cute too. She even indulged the momarazzi and posed for a few pics. ?

I think this new hairstyle is so adorable! The length reminds me of when she was about 3 or 4 years old. And anything that keeps her little and my baby, well that’ll always be good with me. ❤️

new hairstyle

new hairstyle

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9 thoughts on “Zee Update: February 2018 – New year, new month, new hairstyle.

  1. Tammymum says:

    Oh that’s a lot to have off your hair, especially when you’re young. I had a similar chop recently but I was so glad I did. I bet you are too, it makes brushing it SO much easier. It looks lovely too! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    • admin says:

      I wasn’t ready for just how much it would actually be! It does look and feel so much better now though – it’s like it instantly got a whole lot healthier. ?

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