Pure Beginnings Fun Time Shampoo

I’d meant to have completed this post a few months ago, but the overwhelming amount of cooking, laundry, and anxiety that comes with life in lockdown ensured that I never got to it… until today. I’m so glad to finally share my thoughts on this shampoo and on the brand with you guys today.

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo

We first tried the shampoo on Zee’s hair in November last year. I’d literally been looking for a new shampoo when I received an email from the lovely folks at Pure Beginnings, about this addition to their ‘Organic Kids’ range.

Bridging the gap between our incredibly popular Baby Wash and Shampoo and our Organic Care Shampoo and Conditioner is our Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo, designed for those wanting natural and effective hair care for their kids.

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo – Our thoughts

Zee’s poor little scalp wasn’t doing great – it had become really dry, and I wanted a product that would be gentle, yet effective to help with that. I’d learned a bit about the brand since 2018, and seeing as Zee had already tried (and loved) the Fun Time Bubble Bath, I was confident that the shampoo would be good. I’m happy to report that we weren’t disappointed. Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo has been the star of hair wash day here for eight months now! The results have been so great you guys! Zee’s scalp is perfect again, and those beautiful locks are healthy and strong.

This all-in-one conditioning shampoo has been formulated specifically with kids in mind, and is therefore extremely mild. It doesn’t contain any of the baddies (parabens, silicones, sulphates, colourants, or synthetic fragrances), making it perfectly safe for everyday use if needed. It does contain loads of goodness – marula oil, organic baobab fruit extract, organic aloe, and organic rooibos. Marula oil assists in sealing damaged hair strands and locking in moisture; baobab fruit extract nourishes dry hair; organic aloe helps calm and soothe the scalp. It creates a rich lather for a lovely wash, and leaves her hair so clean and shiny. Oh, and she loves the soft, subtle scent.

Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo

7 Reasons to try Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo

If you haven’t tried this natural shampoo for your little one/s yet, here’s seven reasons why we love it (and this brand), and why I think you will too:

  • Natural ingredients are safer to use on a daily basis, especially on soft, sensitive, or eczema prone skin.
  • Using an organic shampoo significantly reduces the chemical burden on your child’s body.
  • Organic shampoos reduce the number of harmful chemicals that end up in the environment.
  • Organic shampoos containing aloe stimulate hair growth and are known for their healing properties.
  • A child’s hair hasn’t been subjected to years of dyeing, drying, straightening, or curling. By using a natural product from the beginning, there will be less chemical build up, and ultimately, much healthier hair.
  • Pure Beginnings is the first South African baby and kids brand to certify organic products through ECOCERT Greenlife.
  • They’re a South African brand. Shop local y’all. 😁
Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo

Kids (Tweens) Skincare with Pure Beginnings

We’ve loved all the Pure Beginnings products that we’ve tried. Zee may not be a baby anymore, but the Soothing Lotion from the ‘Organic Baby’ range is a favourite as it works brilliantly for the sensitive skin on her face. We’ve seen a big difference since she started using the combination of this lotion and the Fun Time Kids Wash (the perfect kiddies face wash, in our opinion).

Here’s what you’ll find in both these products, which come highly recommended by Zee:

Fun Time Kids Wash

  • Organic rooibos leaf extract – rich in antioxidants and has powerful soothing and healing properties
  • Organic orange peel oil – calming and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Organic ylang ylang flower oil – fragrant skin balancing oil also has relaxing properties

Soothing Baby Lotion

  • Organic baobab fruit extract – high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, helps soothe and moisturise
  • Organic shea butter – naturally moisturising and rich in essential skin balancing vitamins A, E and F
  • Lavender oil – has soothing and antiseptic properties

Pure Beginnings products are available online, on their website or on Takealot. They’re also at most Dischem, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Baby City, and Wellness Warehouse branches. Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo retails for R94.95, Fun Time Kids Wash for R79.95, and Soothing Baby Lotion for R92.95.

These products were gifted to Zee by Pure Beginnings. All thoughts and opinions in this post are our own. We were so impressed with the quality of the products, we’ve bought more.

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  1. Martie Schoeman says:

    I love all the info on Pure Beginnnings Fun Time Shampoo would love to surprise my granddaughter who is seven (have very long hair) with this shampoo.

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