Win 1 of 2 Raylite Car Batteries with Battery Centre

About two weeks ago I found myself without a car when Shawn’s bakkie refused to start. Isn’t it funny how car batteries always give up at the most inconvenient times? Work; loads of client appointments; a grocery run; ballet lessons… all of this with one car – fun.

Battery Centre

Two days later there was a tiny gap in the schedule, and Shawn could finally take the bakkie in. Him: “I’ll drive straight there, but if it switches off at a red light or something, I’ll call you and you’ll have to come rescue me.” ?

When the call came, I grabbed my bag and keys as I answered the phone. Turns out, he was just calling to let me know that everything was sorted! He’d managed to get to Battery Centre safe and sound, and then here’s how that went:

• He is greeted at reception by Maggie.
• Maggie takes a quick look at the battery, and knows the exact type/size without even looking at the code.
• She calls for a new Raylite battery, which Thabo then fits into the bakkie.
• Shawn sees the old one that has been removed – it’s the same code.
• My husband is super impressed, and calls to tell me that he is “driving out within 15 minutes of arriving at Battery Centre. Thabo and Maggie are friendly and helpful, and definitely know what they’re doing.”

And the best part of it all? My car is all mine again! ?


Raylite batteries are exclusively available at Battery Centre branches nationwide. Raylite’s cutting edge technology is trusted by 100% of car manufacturers in South Africa. They’re also leading the way when it comes to start-stop technology, with car batteries that deliver more than 10% cranking current, three times longer cycle life, and a nationwide warranty.

Two of our readers can each win a new Raylite car battery from Battery Centre! ?

To enter, simply comment below and let me know what impresses you most about a Raylite battery.

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* Giveaway is open until midnight on Friday, 16 November 2018.
* Only ONE comment is required. Multiple comments will not be taken into account.
* Winners will be announced within 3 days after giveaway closes.
* Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash.
* Open to South African residents only.

16 thoughts on “Win 1 of 2 Raylite Car Batteries with Battery Centre

  1. Luciana Rodriguez says:

    Raylite batteries have been helping South Africans since 1931! That is 87 years of high quality batteries that perform to international standards being the most trusted battery in South Africa!

  2. Johannes Botha says:

    It has to be the long life cycle.. 3 times longer than other batteries is huge.. You need to know that the battery is not going to let you down at the most inconvenient time. I like to be assured that my family is safe 🙂

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