Win A Molly Ballerina Doll!

Molly Ballerina is sure to be loved by little ballerinas, little ones who just love to dance, and little ones who are obsessed with all things pink. ?

She comes dressed in an adorable pink dress, complete with a tutu, satin ballet shoes, and a perfect ballet bun. She says 200 words, and when you press her hand, she plays eight different classical songs. And the soft body means she’s great for cuddles too.

Molly Ballerina

Zee’s thoughts on Molly Ballerina

Zee’s first words on seeing her new doll? “Oh mommy, she’s so beautiful!” She loves her “pretty, soft hair, and her bun is too cute!” She also thinks that Molly Ballerina’s “English accent is very cool!” Her favourite feature is the classical music that plays when you press the doll’s hand – I’ve already been summoned to her room a few times to watch the choreography she’s come up with to the different songs. ?

Molly Ballerina

“Children, especially little girls, enjoy playing with dolls, and so they should. This type of play is essential for increasing basic motor abilities, stimulating empathy, developing social skills and building the imagination. With Molly Ballerina, not only is she a beautiful doll, but she embodies one of the world’s most beautiful disciplines and dance forms – ballet.”

– Chiquita Patrizi, Prima Toys

Molly Ballerina

Molly Ballerina is available at toy stores and retailers for RSP: R899.99. For more information, visit

Win a Molly Ballerina Doll

This giveaway has ended.

And now, the wonderful part – I have one beautiful Molly Ballerina doll to give away! ?

To enter, here’s all you need to do:

1. Comment on this blog post – let me know how old your little one is, and what you think they would like most about Molly Ballerina.
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3. Share the giveaway post on Facebook (don’t forget to make your share public, so that I’m able to see it).

Molly Ballerina


* All steps must be followed in order for your entry to be valid.
* Giveaway is open until 9 March 2018 at 13:00.
* Only ONE Facebook share is required. Multiple shares will not be taken into account.
* Winner will be announced within 2 days after giveaway closes.
* Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash.
* Open to South African residents only.

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Disclaimer: Prima Toys gave the Molly Ballerina to Zee. Thoughts shared in the post are our own.

46 thoughts on “Win A Molly Ballerina Doll!

  1. Kelly Jennings says:

    My daughter is a ballerina and does ballet each week so she will love to have a ballet doll to take with. She would love that it looks like her

  2. Anusha Naidoo says:

    Amaani is 3 years old
    She will absolutely love the classical songs, especially as she loves songs and this will definitely make her excited , happy and entertained

    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you
    Shared on Facebook

  3. Tania Brewis says:

    My daughter is turning 4 at the end of March. And she will love the music because she is also a ballerina. She would love everything about this doll!!

  4. Brigitta Nel says:

    My daughter is 9 years old and she is crazy about dancing and dolls too. She is still a little girl at heart ♥

  5. Debbie Stander says:

    My daughter is 8 years old. This would be an awesome gift for her. She has got a learning problem and ballet has become her comfort place. She would love a doll like this that would make her feel that she has got a doll that can dance with her and also hopefully expand her talking ability…i really would love 2 gift her this doll. She would appreciate it from the bottom of her heart

  6. Colette Van Rensburg says:

    My daughter is 4 years old, adores pink and started doing ballet this year so this would be a winner with her

  7. Liz Strydom says:

    My daughter is almost 5 years old and she would LOVE this!! She isn’t very graceful or petite but rather a little sporty but strangely she loves all things girly and pretty and pink!! She climbs trees in her plastic high heels! I think Molly would help refine my little one! Amazing prize!!!

  8. Janel Sunderlall says:

    M little girl is 5 and loves anything related to ballet. We love the fact that she says 200 words and she plays eight different classical songs.

  9. Maryam khaki says:

    My daughter is 9.she absolutely loves ballet.she would deff enjoy this ballet doll. So would my nieces have a blast with her.?it’s super cute.i myself would join in the fun?.

  10. Janine says:

    My Prima ballerina in training is seven years old, Emily says she loves Molly’s eyes and her pointe shoes. She wishes that she was an alive friend.. so that they could dance for real together.

  11. Sameera rawat says:

    My daughter is 5 and is loves everything to do with ballet and her tutu phase hasn’t passed yet (it’s been awhile now lol like 2 years) she would love this doll so much

  12. Lisa Forsythe says:

    My little one is 3 years turning 4 in June. She has just started ballet and is loving being a ballerina! She would love this doll because her new obsession is Ballet on top of being a dolly girl. Holding fingers – this would make her year!!!

  13. andrea bester says:

    My daughter is 2 turning 3 soon. She would just loooove this doll. She is crazy about anything pink and dolls. Would make a awesome birthday present can just hear her say : wooow .lol if she saw it .

  14. renal says:

    My neice is turning 6 next week and is obsessed with ballet and dolls, this would be awesome for her and she will then hand it down to my 8 month old baby girl ??? coz she loves to share.Thanks for the chance to enter.

  15. Carmen says:

    My little girl has just turned 4 and is obsessed with pink, dolls, hair and hairstyles, dancing and ballet in particular so I can honestly say this is thee perfect gift for her. As a single mum, I can’t afford ballet lessons this year so we have downloaded YouTube videos to learn together at home and she has been so understanding. This would be something so special to give to her and I know it would be treasured forever.

  16. Bianca says:

    My daughter is 4 years old and has been doing ballet for about 6 months now. She absolutely loves dancing and twirling and she wpuld love a Molly Ballerina doll to dance and twirl with.

  17. Kate says:

    My little girl is 4, she looks he’s to dance and attends a dance class every week and acro. She loves her baby dolls and it’s nearly her birthday, she would be over the moon to have a doll that she can she can dance with

  18. Liezel says:

    My three year old daughter has just started her own ballet classes and insists on getting dressed in full ballet outfit every time! She has the same colour hair as the doll 🙂 would be a lovely present for her birthday coming up

  19. Ashlynne says:

    My baby girl is 2 and a half. I think any girl would love this doll for the fact that dolls and ballerinas combined are the epitome of the perfect toy for any princess. I would love to get this for my daughter because she is the light of my life and I know this would make her so extremely happy.

  20. Kirsten Ferreira says:

    My eldest little girl, Mila Mei is 4 and a half – turning 5! (She’s very proud of this).
    Mila absolutely loves ballet, She’s forever dancing about! She loves dolls and ballet so this is just the best present she could ever receive ?
    Holding thumbs for my Mila Ballerina!?

  21. Michelle Vermaak says:

    Ah I would love this for my baby girl. She’s currently 10 months old but she loves ‘Babas’ so much! She would love her talking and would talk back to her.

  22. stephanie videira says:

    My 4 year old soon to be 5 in April would love her ballerina outfit as she loves ballet and the clothes they have to wear 🙂

  23. Debbie Stander says:

    Im holding thumbs. My daughter is 8 snd tried winning this doll for her on another bloggers site but wasnt lucky. She loves doing her ballet and would be great if she could have a doll like this. Im holding thumbs that we would be lucky this time. Would mean the world..already posted something …….

  24. Natassja leo says:

    My daughter Hannah just turned 6 years old . She has being doing cecchetti for the past 3 years and absolutely loves it. Currently she wants to be a BALLERINA when she grows up 🙂 Ballet has really made my daughter such a happy little girl with so much confidence, watching her every year perform on stage brings me so much joy. When we out in public at the malls or park, you will always catch her walking on her toes hahaha. I know my daughter would be so thrilled to have Molly Ballerina as her very own bestie. I can already picture my daughter with her.

  25. Yovanka says:

    Ava-Belle turning 4 in May. We planned a ballerina party and this doll will be the cherry on the cake!!

    She just LOVES to play with dolls. Mimic me with her little sister… Telling me her baba doesn’t want to sleep… Don’t want to be put down walking and rocking her doll to sleep :-). Or Shhhhhhhh mommy, my baby sleeping!

    Molly Ballerina would be LOVED and would love to see her face if she realise she can say words.

    Fingers cross 🙂


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