On Thursdays We Do Makeovers

Okay, so maybe we don’t exactly spend our Thursdays being fabulous and getting makeovers, but this week I decided that one was definitely needed. My hair has been looking really thin and dull recently. The “thin” part is what had me proper worried… so last week I got myself some folic acid tablets as advised by my hairdresser, and yesterday (before taking Zee to ballet) I decided to chop off all the hair that was weighing me down, and have a fresh start. Also, I think I was secretly craving a change, so there’s that.


My stylist, whilst very young and fresh faced, was enthusiastic and seemed to really know what she was doing. 



… and after

My stylist is clearly very pleased with her work! 


This right here is the face of a mom who needed to take her fist new-hair-selfie, despite having just endured an hour of fighting for a parking spot at ballet + sitting outside on cold (and a little damp and gross) grass during the lesson, having a moan and groan sesh with the other ballet moms about how we’re tired and so over this week… you know the usual fun stuff. 


And this is my new hair. I really like it. And I think that the cut + my daily intake of pre-natal vitamins (ha!) will help it on it’s way to being shampoo commercial ready.


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11 thoughts on “On Thursdays We Do Makeovers

  1. Tammymum says:

    I love it! The style really suits you. I love it when I’ve just had my haircut. It’s feels so fresh and bouncy. I love that Zee got to join in too bet she really enjoyed that. TRhanks for joining us at #familyfun

  2. Laetitia says:

    Wow, this post has me craving a haircut!
    You look stunning and your hair looks so smooth and silky.
    I want that new hair feeling. I think I will make a hair appointment for next week.
    Thanks for sharing ❤️

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