Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Yesterday Zee asked me, “Mom, if you could live in the Star Wars galaxy, would you live in Jakku or Tatooine?” This was followed by mischievous giggles, because she was quite pleased with her very random and crazy question. 😛 

[Where does she come up with this this stuff? And how does she even remember these names, when she’s only seen the bits and pieces which I’ve allowed?

Oh who am I kidding… This child is so much like me, it’s crazy. :D]

Oh, and the answer would be neither, my little rascal. I don’t fancy spending my days on either of those hot, dry, desert planets.

It was Zee’s question, plus tweets from some of the celebrity premiere attendees which reminded me that Star Wars fans around the world (in this galaxy and those far, far away) have only a few days to wait until the release of Rogue One!  

At first I thought it was just going to be the filler that would keep us going until Episode VIII next year. The amazing trailers though (which I may or may not have watched on repeat), and the glowing tweets following the premiere indicate that we can expect so much more! 

Husband and I will wait until we visit my folks (Zee’s fave babysitters), because of the age restriction. If, like us, you have to wait a few extra days before you get to watch it, may the self-control to look away from spoilers all over the internet be strong with you! 😉

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