Mauritius: Sun, Sand… Shopping

With Husband being as overworked and highly stressed as he was earlier this year (and all the time – oh the joys of self-employment), a nice relaxing island holiday started to look more and more appealing to me. We never do more than a long weekend away during the year, and December is the only time we have a proper holiday.

Hardly a day passes that I don’t worry about him burning out, and this year I knew a mid-year break was in order! So, I used the usual gentle persuasion one would when trying to hint at something – I fowarded quotes I’d received from the travel agent to his email , loud sighs when nothing was mentioned about said emails, took screenshots of awesome watersports and activities I happened to be googling on his ipad. .. you know, the usual.


Eventually he went for it, and ended up enjoying the holiday the most, even telling me on our third day in Mauritius to ask the travel agent if she could extend our stay! Unfortunately it wasn’t possible, but it was great to see him having such a blast (he was even taking selfies with Zee and I!), and not wanting it to end.

This holiday was all about relaxing at the beach, soaking up the sun, a little touring, and lots of cocktails. 😛 And as much as he’d like to deny it, husband is as much of a shopaholic as I am, so you know we had to take a little time out for some retail therapy.

The one day we hired a taxi to take the three of us into the nearby town of Flacq. The market in Flacq was closed that day (we didn’t even think to ask before leaving), so we went to Super U, which is basically a supermarket with a few other shops also in the building. One of the shops is Island Haze, which is kind of a mix between Factorie and Quiksilver – there’s also a Quiksilver right next door, where I got the cutest bikini. The branch had an opening special of 20% off everything, and Husband and I both bought some really cool clothes, including the polka dot shorts and smiley tee in my pic at the bottom.

The next day we hired a car, and drove to Flacq again for a quick walk through the market. From Flacq we drove to Grand Baie. We didn’t do any shopping there, but we did stop at the beach to look around and take some photos. The water there is beautiful.

From Grand Baie we headed to the capital Port Louis, and Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius. Bagatelle is very pretty, with great shops where we shopped for all three of us, and a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Zee spotted the fro-yo place and toy store as soon as we entered, so she was very impressed with the mall too. 🙂


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