Hasbro’s Top (Tiny) Toys for the Holidays

It’s nearly time for school holidays, and I’ve put together a list of Hasbro’s most popular tiny toys. There are all kinds of toys and games on Hasbro’s Top Toys list, but I’ve decided to stick with the little ones that kids can easily take with on those long, boring road trips or flights. Also, kids love collecting tiny toys, so you’re definitely on the right track if you add some of these to your gift list. 

I’ve also included a few toys that aren’t too tiny, as they were definitely worth a mention. And they’re still small enough for kids to pop into their own backpacks for the holidays.

For My Little Pony Fans

Let’s get started with a personal favourite. Zee and I are huge fans of the My Little Pony franchise, and I doubt that will change anytime in the foreseeable future. Those little pony friends are timeless.

Equestria Girls Fashion Squad

Zee received a gift from Hasbro recently, and her favourite toy in the bag was the Equestria Girls Fashion Squad doll. These little cuties come with two pieces of clothing and a stylish accessory. Kids can collect the different characters and have fun styling them in each other’s outfits.

My Little Pony My Baby Doll

The cutest baby doll you ever did see! Just look at her gorgeous eyes! She has a removable bib and a bottle, and when you feed her, this activates sound. Kids will love playing with and cuddling this adorable baby.

Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie

Hasbro’s Top Toys

Fans of the tv series, like me Zee will know that Pinkie Pie is the funniest, craziest one of the Mane 6. That’s why the Oh My Giggles toy is such a perfect fit with this character. The more you tickle her, the more she giggles and wiggles.

For Marvel and Transformers Fans

Marvel Avengers Classic Figures

Hasbro’s Top Toys

I think these little figures will be even more popular now that an incredible decade long chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end. (I’m still a little emotional about it)

Transformers Cyberverse Spark Armor

Hasbro’s Top Toys

In the Transformers Cyberverse animated series, the AllSpark is able to turn vehicles from Earth into awesome Spark Armor. Kids can collect the different figures and come up with exciting adventures.

For The Tiny Tots

Top Wing Single Figure Assortment

My two year old niece is the reason I know about Top Wing. She loves this animated series about cute rescue-birds-in-training. Each of the poseable 7-cm figures includes a snap-on ‘Wings’ badge.

Top Wing Swift’s Flash Wing Rescue Vehicle

Little ones can go on a daring rescue with this sweet little play set which also includes two Top Wing character figures.

For the Tiny Collectibles Collectors

Lost Kitties Mice Mania Milk Carton Singles

These guys are a hit with tiny-collectibles-crazy kids. Each tiny carton comes with a kitty or mouse figure, play dough, meme stickers, two hidden accessories, and a collector’s sheet.

For the Play-Doh Artists

Play-Doh Color Burst

Each box comes with a roller and 4 little tubs of classic non-toxic Play-Doh compound. Kids can mix and swirl colors together as they mould bright, fun creations.

Play-Doh Ice Pops & Ice Cream Cones

This Play-Doh comes in airtight ice cream or ice pop shaped containers, instead of the usual tub. Little ones can create ice cream in so many different “flavors”.

For the Whole Family

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Hasbro’s Top Toys

It’s easy to see why this game is one of Hasbro’s Top Toys this year. It is all the things we love about Monopoly, but in a small, quick-playing card game that’s perfect for on-the-go fun.

For the Frozen fans

Frozen 2 Singing Dolls

Hasbro’s Top Toys

With Frozen 2 fever reaching an all time high as we count down to this highly anticipated film, most kids will have some version of the royal sisters on their wishlists. These dolls wear outfits inspired by the movie, and at the press of a button the dresses light up and an original Frozen 2 song plays.

Fold & Go Arendelle Castle

Hasbro’s Top Toys

Not tiny, but how could I not mention the sisters’ lovely castle? Little ones can let their imaginations run wild as they create new and exciting adventures in the castle with Elsa and Anna.

And that’s my list of Top Tiny (and a few not so tiny) Toys that I think the kids will have loads of fun with over the holidays, and beyond. If you were looking for some ideas, I hope I’ve helped a bit.

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