HICH South Africa

HICH South Africa – Encouraging kindness in little human beings

Humility. Integrity. Compassion. Hardwork. These are the four qualities that local brand HICH South Africa is based on. HICH aims to create much needed awareness of animal cruelty, and the danger that some of our wildlife find themselves in. It’s because of all this that I responded quickly to the call for mommy bloggers to help spread the word.

HICH South Africa kids t-shirts

HICH South Africa

HICH South Africa’s online store launched on 15 December 2017. Their range of kids t-shirts is adorable, each one with a powerful message, from a simple reminder to be kind to animals, to the urgent need to save our rhinos. When we support the online store, HICH in turn supports animal shelters and wildlife organisations around the country.

A HICH t-shirt is a great (and cute) place to start with educating our little ones about the importance of kindness to animals. I love this quote on the topic so much, I had to borrow it from hichsouthafrica.com: “Teaching children to be kinder to animals today, is our only hope for a kinder world tomorrow.” – Unknown

Zee’s a HICH-er now

HICH South Africa

The “feed them, love them, protect them” t-shirt was my favourite, but Zee had other ideas. She immediately loved “my sisters are pitbulls” even though we don’t have pitbulls. Here’s how that went:

Zee: I love this one mommy, it’s so cute!
Me: But we don’t even have pitbulls.
Zee: I know, but Cocoa thinks she’s a pitbull (cue giggles). You know mom, like how she runs to the gate whenever she hears something. She’s my fierce pitbull sausage! (uncontrollable giggles)

HICH South Africa

Her #sisteract t-shirt arrived on Wednesday, and she was pretty pleased with her choice. It’s a lovely cotton t-shirt, and the print is bright and bold. The t-shirt is a more “comfy” fit (not a slim fit), which means that Zee will get many, many wears out of this one – and it’s only a size 5-6!

She also loved the personalised thank you card, written just for her. So special. 😊

HICH South Africa

HICH South Africa

If you’d like to show your support to this wonderful initiative, find out more on hichsouthafrica.com or find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under @HICHSouthAfrica.

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18 thoughts on “HICH South Africa – Encouraging kindness in little human beings

  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    Oh she looks so cute and sassy in that tee and isn’t that “thank you” card just the best. It shows that not only do the HICH team stand for something good but they live by it too so I’m off to see what else they have. Thanks for sharing the link Charlene

  2. sophie says:

    Im not sure if my other comment loaded so here goes…
    I love the T-shirts -they are strong messages for girls. Your daughter rocks inhers and i think, I would have chosen that one too! #familyfun

  3. Tammymum says:

    What a really wonderful initiative, teaching children things like this at a young age is such a great way to instil those beliefs for life, I think anyway. I really love those t-shirts too, they are very cool! Thank you for joining us at #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 69My Profile

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