The LekkerLinky [Week 3]

Welcome to LekkerLinky week 3. 🙂 This is a linky party for South African bloggers from all genres to share their posts, old or new.

LekkerLinky Week 3

My co-hosts, Carly from Mom Of Two Little Girls, Jeanette from Whisky Of The Week, and I hope that this will be a fun linky that you will enjoy, and that will introduce you to wonderful new blogs.

A few guidelines

1. The LekkerLinky will will be open from Monday to Friday every second week.

2. The linky will run in a two-week cycle. The first week is for linking up; the second week is to allow extra time for commenting and sharing if you didn’t do it on the day that you linked up.

3. Accessing the linky will alternate between my blog, and Carly’s (Mom Of Two Little Girls).

4. Please make sure you are following the hosts on twitter: Charlene @HeelsFairyTales, Carly @momof2lgs, and Jeannette @Nettie_SA

5. Everyone who links up will have their post commented on by at least one of the hosts.

And in case you missed it, see Carly’s post for all the guidelines + more about the linky.

Some highlights from last week’s LekkerLinky

Every new linky week, each of the hosts will give a special mention to their personal favourite post from the previous link up.

These were our favourites from week 2:

Mine was One day when I’m gone from Miller in the City. There was so much thought and research put into this post. The topic is so important, yet many (myself included) find it so difficult to talk about. Thank you Noleen for sharing this vital information with us.

Carly’s was 3 steps to new good habits from Briony Liber. Carly’s thoughts on the post: “I love this post from Briony. Sometimes I think we can feel pressurised to create this huge goals and make these huge life changes, but this post simplifies it into something that feels far more manageable and achievable. Thanks Briony.”

Jeanette chose Dear Working Mother from Cherralle at My Daily Cake, because “her blog post is very relevant in today’s busy environment. Especially now that school has started again.”

LekkerLinky Rules

1. You may link up one post per week, old or new, it doesn’t matter.

2. Please ensure that you grab the LekkerLinky button from the sidebar of my blog, and add it in the html portion of the post you are linking up (see how to do this in my previous post).

3. Once you have linked up your post, please share it to Twitter using the hashtag #LekkerLinky and tag each of the hosts for a retweet: @HeelsFairyTales, @momof2lgs, and @Nettie_SA

4.You must comment on each of the host’s posts (that’s 3), plus the post linked up directly before yours (which makes 4). Any more is a bonus, and helps to spread the blog love.

4. When commenting on each other’s blog posts, please remember to use the #LekkerLinky hashtag in the comments, so we can see where you are commenting from.

5. Share the post linked up before yours (and any of the others you decide to read and share) on twitter using the hashtag #LekkerLinky and tagging the hosts again.

6. Commenting and sharing must be completed by the end of the Friday of the following week.

And now, at last, it’s time to link up. ?

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