Mini-Me and Mini-Zee

If you're looking for a special - and exceptionally cute - gift, Mini-Me is exactly what you need! They're personalised Lego gifts, and there are thousands of items to choose from, to perfectly miniaturise yourself or someone you love. When I was given the chance to build my own Mini-Me, I may or may not [...]

Candle dipping in Magaliesburg

We didn't travel far over the December/January holidays. If you caught some of my posts last month, you may remember we spent some of that time in Magaliesburg. It is the ideal spot for a quiet, restful break from the everyday hustle. Of course, there's only so much quiet and rest a child can handle before [...]

Tale as old as time…

Disney released the final trailer for Beauty And the Beast, and it's glorious! This one shows us more than the previous two, and my inner child was thrilled to see they've not strayed far from the storyline portrayed in the 1991 animated film. We get a glimpse of Belle (Emma Watson) as a child, her [...]