Candle dipping in Magaliesburg

We didn’t travel far over the December/January holidays. If you caught some of my posts last month, you may remember we spent some of that time in Magaliesburg. It is the ideal spot for a quiet, restful break from the everyday hustle. Of course, there’s only so much quiet and rest a child can handle before needing an activity to make up for all the down time.

Fortunately daddy had spotted something in a “Things to do in Magaliesburg” brochure. It was something our little rascal enjoyed very much. And it was found in this very unassuming looking building, a short distance from where we were staying.

Candle dipping

Candle dipping, something we’d not tried before, turned out to be a fun activity for all of us. I’d say it’s most fun for the little ones, but there was a couple there, having even more fun than Zee. 😀

The lady there does a demonstration of how to dip and decorate a candle, then you’re good to go. There’s a wide selection of candles, from plain and simple, to intricate looking flowers, to cute animals and characters which the little ones would love. You can go wild with the colors and glitter, and all you pay for are the candles you choose (which start at only R10), making for very affordable family fun.

We now have candles at home in the shapes of a butterfly, Mickey Mouse, and an adorable little elephant. 🙂

Moms, next time you find yourselves in Magaliesburg, with little ones who’ve had enough of the guest lodge/resort, take a drive to the candle dipping factory and let them keep themselves busy for a while. And while they’re getting glitter all over themselves, you could grab a cooldrink and decide on which of the many bath salts also sold there, you’re going to take home with you.

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