The Trolls Are At Build-A-Bear Workshops! :)

Our December/January holiday (away from home, that is) started last Monday. It took a while to get here, but I’m not complaining, I’m just glad it’s here. 

Last Tuesday, Zee waited patiently for us at the iStore, and was still smiling even when she had nowhere to rest but the floor. 

** Mommy and daddy agreed a special holiday prezzie was in order after that long wait. Shhh. ** 

The sweet smiles grew bigger as we approached Toy Kingdom in Sandton City. Bigger still when she spotted the Build-A-Bear workshop inside, and she could barely contain herself when she saw the limited edition Trolls! 

There are three characters from the Dreamworks animation to choose from – Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond (or as I fondly refer to him, Glitter Farter šŸ˜› ). Zee chose super cute, super happy Princess Poppy. 

Zee had so much fun building her cuddly new friend, and they’ve been inseparable since. šŸ™‚

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