Travel [Throwback] Thursday | Disneyland Paris

Age really is nothing but a number. This is especially true with regards to all things Disney. Child or adult, there’s no resisting the magic that is Disney –
• the movies
• the accompanying soundtracks (even the ones you may not love at first, end up being the ones we can’t stop singing loudly in the shower)

• live shows, like Disney On Ice
• and of course, the ultimate: Disneyland!

I haven’t yet been to the massive Disney World in America, but my little family and I have been incredibly blessed to visit Disneyland Paris twice. Those who’ve read some of my previous travel posts would know that I have a bit of a thing for Paris… And that Disneyland Paris may be my fave place in the world ever! Zee is just as crazy about it as I am, and has requested that we either “buy a house IN Disneyland”, or go every year! 😁

My best friend and her husband also caught the bug, when they spent a few days there during their Paris holiday last year. Bestie says she now understands why we were so enamoured with the place, as it’s simply magical. She too, like Zee, wouldn’t mind moving there forever!

Last year I did a post about our holiday, but I never got to one solely dedicated to our week at the happiest place on earth. Seeing as I’m feeling very nostalgic at the moment (probably due to Zee’s incessant “when can we go to Disneyland?” routine the last few weeks), I thought I’d share some special pics today.

Just checked in at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

A huge thank you kiss for daddy, for bringing us back!

After the first time on this ride – Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – which quickly became her favourite. I think we did this one six times!

Waiting isn’t something 4 year olds do well. However, when it’s for a Disney parade, there are no complaints.

Hi Elsa, Anna, and Olaf!

Now you know I just had to go for a ride in this totally cute car! So cool! 🙂

Zee (the supermodel) with some Cars friends

Yep, it’s another parade! Cars & Stars this time.

Trying on Sully slippers, and making her best monster face!

Cinderella’s carriage, and a little princess.

Cafe Mickey was Zee’s favourite restaurant. We got to meet and take photos with six characters at dinner.

I just love this place so much, and I really hope the three of us are able to go back again one day soon!

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