Things Zee Says – A collection of memories

I know I’ve gone on about it before, but really you guys, time zooms by once you become a parent! One day you’re watching them take their first wobbly steps; the next they’re opening the car door on their own, getting in, and buckling themselves into their car seat! ? (my blogging buddy Carly spoke more about this a few days ago, and her post had me feeling ALL the feelings).

Another example: Just two days ago, Zee lost a tooth – her fifth! And me? Well, I’m still not quite sure how we went from toothless smiles, to losing milk teeth plus gaining permanent ones this quickly!

Things Zee Says

Something Shawn and I realized the other day while watching old videos, is that there’s so much we wouldn’t even remember if we didn’t go back once in a while to watch those videos. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much time has passed, or that she’s grown all that much, but then you watch those videos, and they tell a different story – loads of time passes by before you realize, and you do forget a lot. One thing in particular, is how different she sounded at various stages which weren’t even all that far apart, and the cute and funny things she used to say that she doesn’t anymore, because you know, she insists on speaking like she’s eight years old or something.

Things Zee Says

She’s always been a funny little bunny, and the stuff she says cracks us up. I want to remember those lines, and I know that I won’t, and that’s why I started writing – well, typing – them down. I put them in my notes on my phone or iPad, whichever is closer. And some I just had to share, so I started the #thingszeesays series on my Instagram account. If you’ve missed them, I’m sharing them here today.

Things Zee Says – My Insta Album

1. This one came shortly after (or was it during?) the last season of MKR Australia. I was cooking, but I quickly washed my hands so I could type it on my phone, because it was just so funny! ?


2. Irrefutable evidence once again that she is her mother’s child. The love for sushi is strong with this one. ?


3. She wanted to look very serious for her “army photo” but the uncontrollable giggling meant that it took a while before I got the one she was happy with. ?


4. When she said this, I laughed so hard, I snorted. This was actually last year, during one of her grade one reading sessions. She looked really pleased with herself for coming up with that line, and getting the reaction that she did from me. ?


5. I don’t even know what triggered this one. All of a sudden, she was a pirate! ?


6. When she emphasized “phenomenal” that second time, it was so cute. This was just before bedtime, and she figured she’d distract me with fun facts and her impressive vocabulary. ?


7. This was the other morning, after lengthy negotiations with her dad (she told him to stay home, he said he had to go to work). I have to say, she’d make an awesome employer! ?


Things Zee Says


What funny/weird/wonderful things do your kids come up with? And what do you do/are you planning to do – to remember all of them (okay, most of them, because kids speak A LOT ?)?

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16 thoughts on “Things Zee Says – A collection of memories

  1. Venean says:

    I love this post. It is so true they grow up sooooo fast, and at the time it really doesn’t feel like but looking back makes my heart hurt! <3 I love what you have done with things she says soooo special. I started an email address for her, and I send her stories feelings and pictures. Want to give her the password at 18. And hopefully we can look back at it together!

  2. Maris says:

    It’s true, we forget! I’ve also made little notes and videos here and there and I’m hoping to one day I don’t know when they less work I guess go through all the little things. Time really does fly! It’s heartbreaking but also heartwarming ❤️❤️

    • admin says:

      You’re right, it brings such mixed emotions – you feel so proud and happy to see how they’re growing; and so sad when you realize how quickly it all goes. ❤️

  3. Simone Cameron says:

    I used to love posting things my kids said on Facebook and friends always thought they were the most hilarious kids and told me to write a book with their sayings… I never did and reading this post I so regret it. Once in a while a Facebook memory comes up so I guess I have that.

    3 kids later and I have no idea where the time went!

    PS I want to work for her Zee too! lol

  4. Megan says:

    Zee is hilarious! Honestly! So glad you’re documenting these things, I was thinking of doing this the other with the hysterical things coming out of Oli’s mouth lately!

  5. Noleen Miller says:

    Brings back sweet memories of what my girls use to say and say today. They really have intriguing minds sometimes and will come up with the most amazing things. So adorable.#lekkerlinky

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