The New Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo – Powerfully Soothing Skin Care

I was really disappointed about missing the Dermalogica UltraCalming launch earlier this month, so I may or may not have done a little happy dance when I received a delivery last week, containing the products that had been launched. ?

Dermalogica UltraCalming

Dermalogica Presents A Powerfully Soothing Solution for Sensitive Skin: The New UltraCalming Duo


Skin sensitivity is something people experience in different ways. For some, there may be mild, occasional flare-ups; others suffer redness and discomfort so intense, that they don’t even feel like leaving the house. It also affects all skin types, and causes vary from genetics to triggers like stress, diet, cosmetic ingredients, allergies, and pollution. With all these variables, what causes your sensitive skin can be difficult to pinpoint, and even more difficult to avoid.

Dermalogica’s new UltraCalming Duo takes the guesswork out of the equation by treating the irritation and dehydration caused by sensitive skin. Both products combine the best of nature’s botanical extracts with innovation from The International Dermal Institute to powerfully soothe skin sensitivity.

Whether your skin is only mildly sensitive, or super sensitive, the UltraCalming Duo is the ultimate skin care solution. They can be layered for maximum results, or used separately to address a specific concern. The products also help to prevent future flare-ups, meaning that your skin will look and feel healthier continuously.

2 Simple Steps to Soothe your Sensitive Skin

Step 1: Barrier Defense Booster – This concentrated oil booster soothes, nourishes, and moisturizes to restore balance to sensitive skin.


Step 2: Calm Water Gel – This weightless water-gel moisturizer hydrates dry, sensitive skin. The unique formula transforms into a skin-quenching fluid upon application, forming a weightless barrier to help protect skin against environmental assault. Dual Hyaluronic Acid technology works in different skin surface layers to increase and lock in moisture.


The UltraCalming Duo will be available at Dermalogica-authorized spas, salons, and skin centers from 26 February 2018, at the RRP of R1220 for the Barrier Defence Booster (30ml), and R890 for the Calm Water Gel (50ml).

Quickly and Easily Assess Your Skin Sensitivity Risk

Dermalogica debuted a new, personalized tool in January 2018 to help assess your skin sensitivity risk: the online Sensitivity Score tool. Visit and enter your location to receive personalized insights about what might cause your skin sensitization, as well as expert tips and product recommendations.

Here’s what I found when I gave the Online Sensitivity Score tool a try:


My thoughts on the UltraCalming Duo

I’ve only used the products a few times, so it’s a little early to give a proper verdict, but here’s what I think so far:

The directions state that the Barrier Defense Booster may be used prior to, or mixed with, the moisturizer. I’ve been using the oil immediately before applying the Calm Water Gel. It absorbs nicely into my skin, and I love that it doesn’t have much of a scent – a big positive if, like me, you’re not a fan of strong scents in your skin care products.

The Calm Water Gel comes out of the tube looking like quite a thick gel, but transforms into a light, fluid moisturizer as soon as you rub your palms together.


The first time I used it, I was worried that it may leave my face looking a bit oily/greasy, but it actually didn’t. My skin feels moisturized, without feeling weighed down at all, despite using it together with the oil. And lastly, both products are formulated without artificial fragrances or colours – brilliant! 🙂

The UltraCalming Duo is quite pricey, but I think the fact that you only use a tiny amount of both maybe balances things out, seeing as it would take quite a long while before you have to repurchase. I think that if you have sensitive skin – whether dry or oily – these are products your skin will love.

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8 thoughts on “The New Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo – Powerfully Soothing Skin Care

  1. Noleen Miller says:

    This product is very effective – my friend used this as she had a breakout in her face due to stress. The results that she’s seen after 2 months of using it was amazing.#dreamteam

  2. Heather Keet says:

    Oh these look awesome! I’ll have to check them out to see if they contain any coconut derivatives. I am allergic and I have a hard time finding beauty products now that coconut is so trendy. #DreamTeam

  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    I love Dermalogica products and I do struggle with sensitive skin. I’m no good with anything remotely oily but these actual sound like they are definitely worth a try! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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