Letibalm Repair Balm + A Flu Remedy Recipe

I love the cooler weather, and I love Winter. I love the fabulous coats, big snuggly scarves, relaxing by the fireplace, and the general comfort of not being hot and bothered all day long. So it’s ironic (and really irritating) that I’ve been hit by the flu so badly, before Winter has even arrived… two years in a row now! All three of us here have been passing the flu germs to one another, and have been sick on and off for at least two weeks, with the last few days being the absolute worst. Not fun.

Letibalm to the rescue

A box from the lovely people at Letibalm arrived on Friday, wrapped in this pretty ribbon. Prezzies always help when you’re sick and feeling really sorry for yourself. Shawn and Zee promptly claimed ownership of the box’s contents… even though it was clearly addressed to me. ?


Here’s what was inside:

Letibalm Repair Balm (Paediatric, for kids 8 and under) – Zee’s.
Letibalm Repair Balm Jar – Shawn’s.
Letibalm Repair Balm Liquid – apparently I’m allowed to have this one. ?

Why all the fuss?

This bout of flu in our home has brought with it so much wiping and blowing of noses (sorry, I know that may be an overshare), meaning very red, very sore noses. And let’s not forget about the dry, cracked lips. All of this does not make for a cute look – thus the excitement over the products.

Letibalm has been especially created to protect and care for the lips, the nose, and the skin in-between. Originally from Spain, it’s the first balm of its kind, and the only nose and lip repair balm available in South Africa. Letibalm gently moisturises dry skin, helps to repair painful cracks, and calms irritation. It also creates a protective layer on the skin to prevent further chapping. Thanks to natural decongestants menthol and camphor, it also helps to ease breathing.



Natural Cold & Flu Remedy

The box also contained a glass jar, a lemon, fresh ginger, a jar of honey, and a recipe for those three ingredients. Shawn made it for us yesterday, and I had my first taste earlier today. It’s soothing, and it tastes good enough that the little ones won’t complain if they need to drink some too. And seeing as sharing is caring, I’m sharing the all natural recipe with you.

Letibalm - natural flu remedy recipe


I’d love to hear if you try the recipe, and I hope it helps if the flu has launched an attack on your home as well.

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3 thoughts on “Letibalm Repair Balm + A Flu Remedy Recipe

  1. Heather Keet says:

    We have not gotten the flu in a few years so I’m hoping to continue this trend. I am happy to have some ideas on relief if it happens though, thanks! #GlobalBlogging

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