Hello everyone! It’s felt like a very long almost two weeks, as I’ve been sick. I’ve been weak, sore, and didn’t even have the energy to blog. I was terribly sick of being sick, and I’m glad that’s over.

On the upside, in these two weeks, there’s also been reason to celebrate. Thought I’d post some Instagram pics, to share the joy with you. πŸ™‚

My husband (my best buddy, love of my life, awesomest guy ever) booked our flights to Europe. We’ll be spending our 10 year anniversary in Paris, my favourite city in the world! I can’t imagine a more perfect gift! πŸ˜€


I told him last year I could spend all my time in Paris Disneyland, so instead of a few day visits, he’s booked us in for a week this time – yippeee! πŸ˜€


Last Thursday was also a super special day. It was Zee’s second dance prize-giving. She was only two and a half at the first one, and I can’t get over how much she’s grown since then!

Yay I won!  2012 prize-giving

Yay I won!
2012 prize-giving

She was super excited, and even got her hair done. Silly mom didn’t take a photo of the pretty curls before they opened up!


There were three themes to choose from, to decorate the tables: ballet, tap, and hip hop. We chose ballet, but I opted for a lovely bright yellow and cerise colour combination, instead of the usual soft pink or lilac. What do you think of our table?




My little luvbug received 6 trophies and certificates for ballet, tap, and hip hop. She was thrilled with her prizes, and I’m incredibly proud of this little person. πŸ™‚


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  1. CharlieW says:

    So glad you are feeling better. SUPER jealous of your trip. OMW! I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. It’s going to be so amazing πŸ™‚ Your little girl is gorgeous! x

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