4 ways to enhance your tween or teen’s room

A teen’s room is their safe space, their Fortress of Solitude, if you will. Anyone else notice their twelve or thirteen year old quietly disappear, and then find them lying in their room, just gazing at the ceiling? From all the memes and TikToks I’ve seen, it seems they spend even more time in there as the teen years progress, sometimes emerging only for food! 😁

Here are some simple, budget-friendly ideas to ensure that the space where your teen spends their me time is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and of course, as cool as they are.

The Bed

When kids are little, their bedding is all about Disney Princesses, Star Wars, or their favourite Marvel superheroes. They’re still Disney, Star Wars and Marvel fans of course, they just no longer need that reflected in their bedroom decor.

Now that they’re older, try bedding in a solid colour (I’ve gone this route, and Zee loves it) or a simple monochrome print. These options look great, and your teen can then give it their own twist with a throw, cushions, or special plushies that they’ll never tire of.

The Wall

A feature wall can add character and pizzazz to any room. It’s definitely a fantastic way to enhance your teen’s room, and there are so many ways to create one.

You could opt for paint in a bright colour, wallpaper, or even a gallery wall with loads of frames in different shapes and sizes to keep it really fun and interesting.

The Floor

If the room has tiles or laminated wood flooring, a rug is a lovely way to add that cozy, warm element.

People love sitting or lying on the floor when they’re reading or watching TV (it’s my family, we’re people 😁). A soft rug in your teen’s room allows them to relax on the floor in there as well.

The Storage

Storage boxes or crates that once held your child’s many toys can still be used long after those toys have found a new home. They’re perfect for storing shoes and can easily stay neatly out of sight, under the bed.

Giving your tween or teen’s room a makeover can be really fun, especially since they’re old enough to work on it with you. Of course, some kids would rather leave all the details to you, and and just be surprised and thank you with hugs once it’s all done. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy the process… even if you’re not allowed in there ever again once they hit that proper teenage phase where they’re just a shadowy figure in a hoodie you sometimes see in the kitchen hunting for snacks. 😁

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