So Emotional

Who else was a mess when Kelly Clarkson sang Piece By Piece on American Idol last week? Besides Keith Urban and myself that is…

It is a very emotional song (based on Kelly’s father leaving when she was only six, and her promise never to hurt her own baby girl that way), which probably did leave many teary eyed and choked up (which is how I would’ve normally reacted too), but the way I sobbed and sobbed that night you’d think the song was about me.

I’ve been weirdly emotional recently. I’m getting unduly sensitive over things/people which/who previously wouldn’t have affected me in the slightest. Now that I think about it, even when I’m happy or laughing, it’s probably with more exuberance than necessary… like all my emotions are in overdrive. The other day I even told Husband that if I didn’t know better, I’d think I were pregnant. :/


This is what’s been going on for about two months now..

I have a lump in my throat during tv commercials which nobody else finds touching…


I’m barely holding it together when contestants I’m not even fond of are eliminated on Masterchef…


I can’t control the tears everytime Zee says or does something sweet…


And if someone says something really kind or complements me (on something deep like parenting, not on what I’m wearing, of course), I just about burst into tears.


I don’t know if it’s a female thing, a 30’s thing, a crazy person thing… This isn’t even what I usually write about or share on my blog, but then I thought maybe putting it out there would be therapeutic or something. Let’s see what happens.



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