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A few months ago, a new model of our car was launched. Shawn saw pics of it online, and was so impressed that he took Zee and I to the dealership that same afternoon, so we could have a closeup look at the car. It looked incredible! Being the boy that he is, my husband immediately wanted this new toy.


I quickly brought him back down to earth – gently, of course. I reminded him that I LOVE my car; and while the new CX-5 is undoubtedly GORGEOUS, I had no desire for a new car just yet. Also, buying this new car would mean paying for a car every month, all over again. Seeing as it hadn’t exactly been a great year for business, this wasn’t ideal. We left the dealership, with one of the two other people in the car pouting and sulking. Hint: it wasn’t Zee. ?

Unhindered by my protests, the following day Shawn asked if I would get a quote on the current value of our car “just so we know”. At the time, I didn’t know that I could’ve asked for this quote (and even sell my car) from the comfort of my couch. For those of you like me, who prefer the convenience of online everything haha, I have to share this service I recently discovered. CarZar allows you to sell your car in 4 quick and simple steps. Here’s how it works:


I tried out the online estimator, and I was pleased to find that even the cash payment estimate was quite close to the one I’d received almost five months ago. I also liked that there’s a second option – they advertise your vehicle to dealers around SA for 48 hours in order to get the best price.

We didn’t end up selling our car, something my guy has since thanked me for. ? It’s not a practical move for us right now; but if we do decide to sell, we’ll give CarZar a try. Have you ever, or would you be open to trying out this service?

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