Playing Catch-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I thought the best way to get started again would be to catch up on some of the stuff that’s been happening/keeping me busy.

Zee: Growing Up, Homeschooling, and a Barbie Event

At the end of July, Zee turned seven. Mommy’s emotions, of course, were extremely fragile, as the number seven just seemed too big for my baby.

Zee is in grade 1 this year, and it’s a way bigger deal than I realised. I know it was 28 years ago, but I seriously dont remember ever having to do this much school work when I was in grade 1 (or class 1, as we called it back in the stone age). I actually feel sorry for this little person of mine, when I look at the pages and pages of work which need to be completed daily. And then I feel sorry for myself when she becomes distracted, and lazy, and tries to escape in the middle of it all, and I have to be the bad guy who gets her focused and working again. At least the year is almost over, and we’re almost done with the curriculum. And distractions and all, she’s learned so much and so well this year.

Last month I won tickets from Tums2Tots for Zee and I to attend the Barbie Star Light Adventure event. It was a fun mommy daughter day – face painting, a meet and greet with Barbie, a screening of the new Barbie movie, and a goodie bag for little Barbie fans. We even got to catch up with one of my closest friends and her little girl, who had also won with Tums2Tots.

2016 – The Year of Inactivity
I’ve spent the last ten months piling on the pounds. 🙁

I haven’t worked out in the longest time, and in winter I really peaked, eating anything I could get my hands on.

Making matters worse, and providing me with yet another reason excuse, in August I did a sensational job of breaking my toe on the very Sunday that I made the big decision to work on my fitness again by walking in the afternoons with Husband and Zee. And then, a week later, I hurt the toe again. That was a fun 6 weeks of pain, no closed shoes, and self pity.

On a positive note though, things are looking up – I’ve been cooking better (healthier), and I guess that’s not a bad start. Let’s see how it goes…


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