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Rand Show 2017

Rand Show - Danone

The last time Shawn and I went to the Rand Show was in 2004. It was a few months after we got married, and a few years before we had a Zee of our own. This year we decided to take our little person to the show.

There’s actually so much for kids to do there, and Zee had a great time. And so did we. 🙂

Science and Technology 

We ended up spending quite a bit of time in the Science and Tech hall. Zee had lots of fun with the other little people at the Nutty Scientists stand. They sat listening to Professor Fun, screaming loudly when she asked them to, and eagerly volunteering to be part of the fun experiments. Then they’d run to their tables with the other professors, to try the experiments in smaller groups. 

Inside The Colours Of The Stars dome, everyone lies on their backs, to watch a projection show about the stars. Zee said “it was so cool!”

Rand Show - Science

Rand Show - Science

Rand Show - Science

Rand Show - Science

Danone Frozen Bar

The Danone Frozen Bar was a huge hit with the kids – I say this, because of the excited giggles and shrieks, which made it hard for adults to hear themselves think.. haha!

There’s a huge snow globe, a snow slope, a snow patch, an ice castle, and sparkly fro-yo… the giggles and shrieks were inevitable. 

An SABC TV crew also arrived in there a few minutes after we did, and one of the ladies asked if they could interview Zee about Danone Frozen Bar. She was happy to do it. So look out world… a celebrity is born! 😀

Rand Show - Danone

Rand Show - Danone

Rand Show - Baking


Shawn – with Zee as assistant, and me as cheerleader – made a really cool decoupage tray during a class by Tersia at Bee Artsy. He asked me to choose the colour and pattern, so of course it’s minimalistic with a Paris touch, because that’s how I roll. 

Rand Show - DIY tray

Rand Show - Tray

The Filthy Moustache

Before we could do anything else, we had to feed our bellies. We ended up at the food truck which had grabbed my attention on our way in that morning, because of its name – The Filthy Moustache!

And man were we happy with our choice! Their food (even though it may not look fabulous in my pic) is so YUMMY!! We tried the Manometer burger, and a hot dog, and neither disappointed. 

I don’t know if I should say it… alright, I’m going to… the Manometer is one of THE best burgers I’ve eaten! Shawn says it took him back to an outstanding burger we ate in Germany a few years ago (can you tell, from the fond food memories, that we love good food? 😋), and I agree. 

Rand Show - Food truck

Rand Show - burger & hot dog

The Rand Show makes for a great day out with the family. It ends on Sunday evening (23 April), which means you can still catch it if you haven’t yet. 

Black Horse Brewery

During our stay in Magaliesburg, we found Black Horse Brewery in a “things to do” brochure. I recognised the name from a post I’d seen on The Blessed Barrenness. Sharon had written about how fantastic the place is, so I knew we had to check it out. We headed to Black Horse late one afternoon for an early supper, and we weren’t disappointed (in the place, or the food). It’s a beautiful outdoor venue, with grass and trees so green, you feel a little healthier breathing that air. 😀

The name

Black Horse is named after their beautiful Friesian horses, whom Zee described as majestic.

{I later found that majestic is in fact how their horses are described on Black Horse’s own website too. Nice one my girl. 🙂 }

The horses were already being led back to their stables by the time we arrived, which is why I only ended up with one not so impressive photo of the very impressive animal.

The restaurant

There are tables at the top, not far from where you enter. There’s also a play area there, as well as a gift shop. A short walk down are the very relaxed, covered tables and couches, next to a trampoline for the kids.

Pretty much everything on their menu sounds delicious. It isn’t a big menu, but there’s something for everyone, including little ones. Their craft beers aren’t too bad either, according to Husband (beer isn’t my thing). I tasted the pink ginger beer when he did the beer tasting though, and that’s quite yum!

We loved everything about Black Horse Brewery… I mean I could’ve done without the bees that kept wanting some of my Coke, but hey what do you expect when you eat outside?… Seriously though, it really is a lovely place, with great food, pink ginger beer, plus a trampoline and so much place to run around and play, the kids won’t want to leave.

If you’re heading to Magaliesburg and thinking of visiting Black Horse Brewery, find out more on their website.