3 Quotes In 3 Days: Day 2

After a very busy day, I'm getting to this really late, so I'm going straight to my quote for today: This is a fun one, which I've loved for the longest time. I don't have anything too deep to add, except to say that I do agree with Alice - a little bit of crazy [...]

3 Quotes in 3 Days: Day 1

I was nominated by the lovely Tehzeeb over at The Tezzy Files to participate in this really fun challenge. As my post title suggests, I need to post 3 quotes on the blog in 3 days. Here's my first quote: This quote comes from the 1978 children's book, "I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!" and is [...]

Mauritius: Sun, Sand… Shopping

With Husband being as overworked and highly stressed as he was earlier this year (and all the time - oh the joys of self-employment), a nice relaxing island holiday started to look more and more appealing to me. We never do more than a long weekend away during the year, and December is the only [...]