The Body Shop – Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash [Review]

Last month I bought the Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash from The Body Shop. I was looking for anti-ageing products because, well, thirties. Oh, and motherhood. 😉

Whilst I have yet to see any fine lines or wrinkles (thank you mommy!), I have found that recently my skin was looking.. tired, I think. Also, I am aware that just because those lines haven’t made an appearance yet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t close under the surface waiting to sneak up on me like, “Surprise!” And that’s why this wash appealed to me.

Here’s what The Body Shop says about their Nutriganics range, and the Foaming Facial Wash:

Nutriganics – developed for women typically aged 30-40 years to help improve the appearance of the skin and smooth the first signs of ageing. The benefits of the Nutriganics organic skincare range will undoubtedly appeal to those who are looking for alternative anti-ageing products. Combining community trade babassu oil with 14 other organic ingredients. Nutriganics is our first certified organic skincare range for addressing the first signs of ageing.

Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash – An instantly foaming facial wash to gently, yet effectively remove impurities and traces of make-up. Leaves skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and soft to the touch.

It’s been three weeks since I started using the product, and I’m really impressed. You only need a tiny amount to wash your face and neck, which means the 150ml bottle will last  quite a while. This makes the R190 price tag that much easier to deal with.

I also love how soft and gentle it is. I mentioned to Husband that it feels like I’m washing my face in milk. His very “guy” response was “how do you know what it feels like to wash your face with milk?” followed by laughter in appreciation of his own joke. 😀 It hasn’t often been my experience, but with this one I agree completely with the product claim: “Leaves skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and soft to the touch.” My skin feels amazing after washing with this. Even if I get distracted and forget to tone and moisturise right away (this happens most days), my skin doesn’t feel like it’s about to crack if I smile.

This wash is my skin’s new favourite thing, so I’ll definitely be restocking once this one’s done.



Throwback Thursday – Family Photo Shoot

I transferred these photos from the laptop to my phone a few weeks ago. They’re from a family photo shoot we did in 2011, when my now first grader was just two years old. Looking at the photos again today, I can’t help but be filled with gratitude for the blessing that is my very own little family. Grateful for this incredible man who works so hard, who laughs with me everyday, and loves me so completely. And grateful for the kind, beautiful (and sometimes sassy, but she gets that from me so I can’t complain) child, we are privileged to call our own.

I also can’t help but laugh at the memory of us working really hard to get our little person to cooperate during the second half of the shoot. I had taken two outfits with for her, and she was not impressed there was a costume change and more posing to be done. If you look closely, in some photos you’ll notice she’s carrying (and eating) a pack of Mentos sweets in her little hand – bribery. I’m not ashamed.

There are too many to share in one post, so the photos I’m sharing here are only a few of those taken during that second half. I’ll post some from the first half in my next Throwback post.

Photos by: Pixel Pro Photography



Family Movie Day: “Trolls” Review


Having a child means I have a legit reason to watch all the animated movies I want on the big screen. 😉

On Saturday we finally watched Trolls. The Dreamworks animation has a pretty impressive voice cast, led by Anna Kendrick as Poppy, and Justin “Is there anything he can’t do” Timberlake as Branch.

Some of the the other trolls are voiced by Russell Brand, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar (as the silver naked one who farts glitter.. LOL), and Gwen Stefani.
Christine Baranski (love her!), Zooey Deschanel and Christopher Mintz-Plasse provide the voices for the large, miserable creatures called Bergens. Even John Cleese has a small part as Bergen King Gristle.

The plot revolves around Poppy and Branch’s rescue mission, when some of their friends are captured by the evil Chef. Poppy is always super happy and optimistic, and loves nothing more than singing and dancing. Oh, and hugs. Branch, on the other hand, is pessimistic and paranoid. The Bergens are the bad guys who believe the only way to be happy is to eat trolls, so polar opposites Poppy and Branch have to rescue their friends before they become lunch.

It’s funny, silly, and really colourful, and the songs absolutely help it along. Definitely worth a mention is True Colors, simply because Justin Timberlake’s voice is so pure and beautiful on this song (Branch does tell Poppy that his grandmother said he had the voice of an angel 🙂 ). And you can’t help but walk out feeling happy, especially after the final scene where all these colourful, crazy characters sing and dance to Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling.

Trolls was a fun watch, but in my opinion not as memorable as the last animation we watched – The Secret Life Of Pets. I still crack up when I think of Kevin Hart as the cute but psychotic bunny, and his line near the end: “I feel so heroic… and HANDSOME!” 😀