Suite 259, Amsterdam

Our holiday began in the most delightful way, with a stay at Suite 259 in Amsterdam. Shawn usually leaves accommodation to me, but he booked this one. I confess, I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of a bed and breakfast, as I'm more of a hotel person. All that changed when we arrived though. [...]

Holiday Pics – Amsterdam and Paris

Hello everyone! Oh, and hello 2014!!! 🙂 With all the excitement, preparations, and packing for our holiday, and then the holiday itself, it seems like forever since I last wrote here. We got back on Thursday, after an amazing three weeks. I have a few holiday posts coming up, but for right now I thought [...]


Hello everyone! It's felt like a very long almost two weeks, as I've been sick. I've been weak, sore, and didn't even have the energy to blog. I was terribly sick of being sick, and I'm glad that's over. On the upside, in these two weeks, there's also been reason to celebrate. Thought I'd post [...]

My TMG Fashion post

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about The Magnifying Glass (TMG), an awesome new platform for South African bloggers. I had the privilege of being a contributing blogger, with my travel post "Petit Paris", and then a photo I'd taken in their "Daily Image". When TMG asked me to do a fashion post, [...]