***WIN*** A Barbie Video Game Hero Doll Worth R600

Just this past weekend, we had a laugh with friends of ours about our astounding wealth of Barbie movie knowledge. Our friends are parents, like us. And, like us, they’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve watched the many Barbie movies. No doubt most parents can relate. You’ve watched the movies, you’ve heard the songs on repeat, you’ve bought the toys. Little Barbie fans can never get enough of the timeless – and ageless (she is SO lucky) – Barbie, and her friends.

Barbie Video Game Hero

In the latest adventure, Barbie Video Game Hero, Barbie is pulled into her favourite video game, and is transformed into a fun roller-skating character. She meets new friends, and together they travel from level to level in the game. Barbie must rely on her amazing gaming skills, and out-of-the box thinking to save her team and beat the game.

Barbie fans can have their own adventures, with the Barbie Video Game Hero range of toys. There are quite a few to choose from, and they’re super cute. 🙂

These are just a few from the range:

Barbie Video Game Hero Barbie Doll – R230

Barbie Video Game Hero

Barbie’s “real-world” outfit captures a video game aesthetic, with a pink and white t-shirt featuring an image of her new friend from the game, denim pants with emoji patches and pink kicks. Pink and white headphones and a gaming tablet, power the look up. Two mini pixel characters and two adorable power-ups complete the video-game storytelling fun.

Barbie Video Game Hero Friend Doll – R399

Barbie Video Game Hero

Kids can choose from two characters who help Barbie achieve her quest. Both friends wear a signature outfit with bright neon colors and video game style.

Barbie Video Game Hero Vehicle Play Set – R400

Barbie Video Game Hero

Barbie fans can zoom into action with this vehicle play set. A sticker sheet is included, to decorate the roadster. A cloud character is ready to play, and the Barbie junior doll and her trophy “power-up” figure – also in 2D gaming style – are exclusive to the pack.

Cool note: All power-up characters unlock unique content within the related digital game when used with the Barbie Life App.

*** WIN!!! ***

And now, the best part… You can win a Barbie Video Game Hero Light-Up Skates Barbie doll, worth R600, and make your little Barbie fan very, very happy (plus, score major Awesome Mommy points)! 😀

Barbie Video Game Hero

Little ones just have to squeeze the handle – which clips around Barbie’s waist – to see her make awesome 360 degree turns. And her fab roller skates light up in four different colours as she moves.

Barbie Video Game Hero

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Just the kick in the head I needed

Last week my doctor told me blood tests had revealed that my insulin level was much higher than it should be. “You’re still young and we caught this early, so we can definitely do something about it,” she said kindly.

Funny thing is, I wasn’t surprised… Well, I was, but not entirely. Last year I fell off the clean eating and fitness wagon… No, it’s more like, I was catapulted so far off the wagon, I was unable to even find the path back. I’ve been struggling for the greater part of 2016, and now the first part of 2017 to get my mind right, and make the changes which I was very much aware needed to be made. So yes, I should’ve expected something like this.

Just typing that, I make myself so angry. How do you knowingly neglect your health like that? How do you allow yourself to become so lazy and lethargic? How are you that stupid? Arghhh!!!

Okay, so being angry and screaming isn’t going to fix this. My doctor’s advice? A low carb eating plan. I misheard her, and a sorrowful groan escaped my throat.”No carbs? But I love carbs!” Even doc had to laugh then, before reassuring me with: “all us women do!”

So that’s where we are right now. Low carb eating plan, huffing and puffing my way through a tiny bit of exercise to start… a lifestyle change.

I think what makes me so mad with myself is that I’ve done this before. Not because of a well-timed kick in the head from a doctor’s appointment, but just because I wanted to. It upsets me that I let go of the really good habits which had started to come so easily, and let things get so out of control.

As we’ve already established though, hanging on to these negative feelings isn’t going to help. So I need to focus on the positive, on what I can do – I can eat right, and bring those insulin levels down. I can work on getting in shape again, and actually being able to enjoy playing soccer outside with Shawn and Zee. I can make this lifestyle change, and make it stick this time.

Also, I’m putting it out there, right here. Knowing that all of you know what I’m supposed to be doing – eating right, getting in those workouts – actually makes it easier for me to stick to this… which is probably why I put off writing this until now. I’ll keep you updated on how things go, recipes I’m trying, etc, once every two weeks, or more frequently if there’s something awesome to share. Wish me well! Eeek…