Zee Style | Playtime Ootd

Yesterday was a public holiday, and we were a bit of a distance from our house when Zee needed an outfit change. She was in a dress, and asked for something "better to play in" when we decided to get lunch at Primi which has a lovely, big, outside play area. We made a quick [...]

5 Days of Cuteness

Yesterday my cousin sent me these pics of adorable outfits for little princesses, from Mr Price. Cuz and I have a princess each, and with cooler weather - hopefully - on the way soon, it's nice seeing all the cute options available. The fact that these outfits for our ever growing little people are easy [...]

Mauritius: Sun, Sand… Shopping

With Husband being as overworked and highly stressed as he was earlier this year (and all the time - oh the joys of self-employment), a nice relaxing island holiday started to look more and more appealing to me. We never do more than a long weekend away during the year, and December is the only [...]