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BeSafe iZi Up X3

We’ve been wanting to buy a new car seat for Zee, for the past few months. Her old one served us well, but was in desperate need of being replaced. With different factors delaying the purchase, Shawn and I decided it would be the first thing we’d do this holiday. I had my picks narrowed down to two, but after one last check in with the Car Seat Support South Africa Facebook group on Tuesday morning, I ended up going in a different direction.

Some of the ladies recommended the BeSafe iZi Up X3, and after reading up on it, I was very impressed with the seat, and with the Norwegian brand. A snippet of what I read on their website that morning:

Our driving force is the will to protect what is most precious to us: our children. At BeSafe we are dedicated to developing the safest possible car seats and other road safety products for children of all ages. Our vision is to have no children seriously injured in road accidents.

All BeSafe child seats are equipped with SIP – Side Impact Protection. In addition, we have also developed an additional side impact protection, SIP+ – Side Impact Protection +. A new, innovative solution of energy-absorbing material that reduces the loads on the child’s head and neck by a further 20%.

We headed straight to Kids Emporium Morningside to check it out. We were assisted by Martha, who was both friendly and knowledgable – she told us all about the product and answered our questions with ease. She also brought out a seat for Zee to try out, and for us to have a proper look at. Zee sat on it for a while, and her verdict? Two thumbs up! “It’s sooo comfy mommy, I love it!” 🙂


With mommy and daddy very happy with the safety features, and little person comfortable and smiling, we finally had our car seat – yay! Once the deal was done, Martha came with to our car, to make sure it was installed correctly, and Zee’s been cruising in (and loving) it since.


In case you’re also looking for a child car seat, and are confused by the many options out there, perhaps what BeSafe says about the iZi Up X3 can help you with your decision too:


The head and back supports can be easily adjusted on both sides of the car seat using a synchronized function. There is also automatic guidance of the shoulder belt, so that it always lies correctly across your child’s shoulders.


BeSafe iZi Up X3 is easy to install. In order to avoid incorrect installation, iZi Up X3 does not have any unnecessary belt horns.


iZi Up X3 can be used in 2 different sleeping positions. Your child can make their own adjustments by using the handles.


1. Easy to install the 3-point belt: the shoulder belt guider holds the car belt in place and no guider for the hipster belt is required which prevents misuse. Older children can buckle in themselves without chance of wrong installation.

2. Reclining in 2 positions, which can be operated by the child itself

3. SIP – Side Impact Protection. Improved protection for both head & neck by EPS in head support and seat shell

4. The height of the backrest and headrest can be easily adjusted from both sides of the seat

5. The shoulder belt guiders go wider when the seat is adjusted to higher positions

ECE R44-04 approved for forward facing installation group 2/3: 15 – 36 kg


I’m thrilled we finally bought a seat, I’m so happy with our choice, and I’d definitely recommend it to other parents.


BeSafe IsiUp X3

BeSafe - instructions

2016, you got me all reflective and stuff.

2016 has been quite a year. Everyone you talk to, and all over social media, people are more than ready to bid farewell to 2016. And our family? Well, Husband has had one of the roughest years at work,… I did a phenomenal job of breaking my toe, and for a little while there found myself overwhelmed with house plus work work,… and Zee… well, Zee’s had a great year actually. 🙂

So chilled.. like, “what’s wrong with 2016 guys?”

She took to grade one like a star, and received an excellent report from Clonard on Monday.

Her little sister was born in June (my friend J’s baby), and they adore each other. She’s already given her aunt J instructions to teach baby K to call her didi (older sister in Hindi) once she starts talking. 🙂

In July she turned seven, and is quite excited that “in three years it’s the big one mom! I’m going to be ten!”. Mom can barely deal that you’re seven… so let’s slow down ok.

In August she lost her first tooth (further proving to a much in denial mom that she really is growing up), and the second tooth followed in November.

In November, she also completed her first “big girl” ballet exam (two dances in soft ballet shoes, one in character shoes, and all alone with the examiner and music person, with no teacher to assist/support).

It’s been a great (and big) year for Zee, and when I looked through this year’s pics on my phone, it put things into perspective. Something positive, even if it was something small – highlights if you will – took place each month, making 2016 a maybe-not-so-bad year after all.

January – Husband and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary. ❤

Then grade one began for this teacher and star student!

February – Mommy daughter day at ballet. So many giggles as our little rascals taught us a few moves.

March – A long weekend, turned into a full week at Sun City, to fit in as much fun as possible.

April – Zee is reading so beautifully, and mommy couldn’t be prouder of this little person.

May  Alice in Wonderland themed ballet prize giving. Her receiving an award for Personality yet again (besides other awards) makes me heart happy.

June – Little sis, Baby K arrived!

Disney On Ice – Frozen was AH-MAZING!!!

Oh, and pj’s day at ballet.

July – Zee is seven! My baby is growing up. ❤

August – Tooth fairy time 🙂

September – There was a partial solar eclipse, and we had an amazing view through daddy’s welding helmet.

October – Parents evening at ballet. Cue the tears (moms, not kids).

A fun day at the Barbie Star Light event, with even a little bonding time there with aunty N and K.

November – Grade one Royal Academy of Dance ballet exam.

The second milk tooth finally fell out, after shaking for the longest time!

December – Grade one, done and dusted. And what a brilliant job she did. ❤

We closed shop last Thursday, and even though we’re not happy daddy’s had to work, we at least had time to recharge, and the good news is today’s his last day of work too! Let the holidays commence! 🙂

Maybe I’m Doing Something Right

​Many a meme has been made about the less than glamorous side of parenting. And the reason they’re so funny is because they’re relatable.

After all, who hasn’t experienced {1} a child say out loud something painfully embarrassing (but let’s face it, hilarious, AND true) in public… or {2} a toddler making his/her way into the bathroom and staring at you while you wee… or, better still, {3} a baby produce the most fantastically yellow, runny poo – you know, the one that makes its way all the way up to the back of their necks, and all you can do is throw away the clothes they were wearing? 😛

We’ve all been there. Raising, and caring for a little human does come with a number of challenges. It is, after all, one of the weightiest responsibilities we are ever entrusted with.

This post isn’t about those challenging moments though, when parents don’t know whether to laugh or cry in response to what their offspring has just said/done/pooped. The inspiration to write today actually comes from the other moments.

Those moments when you feel so much anger because of the dishonesty, disloyalty, and disrespect in the world… and then, little arms wrap you in so much love and warmth, and all the ugliness is forgotten.

That moment after a particularly trying and stressfull day, when you look into that innocent, happy, ever hopeful little face, and the sun breaks through the clouds again.

The moment you realise how blessed you are to be able to call yourself a parent, and to have this pure, beautiful soul in your life who loves you unconditionally.

It’s been a rather difficult few weeks on our side, on the business/work front. Shawn recently had an experience so unbelievable with an employee (now ex-employee), we’re still reeling from what the guy did. And apart from that, it’s been a tough while overall.

Long story short, for the past two weeks, I’ve been helping Shawn out at the office. An 8 to 5, with a little one by my side. I know it can’t be nice being out of her own space all day, in this less than fun environment, but she’s been so good – zero complaints, many big smiles.

On Monday afternoon, I suddenly found myself feeling so overwhelmed. I was sad that my little one comes to work with me, instead of enjoying the school holidays… worrying about my husband, and how stressed he’s been, praying that it won’t affect him physically somehow… angry at how despicable some human beings are capable of being…

And all it took was something as silly as a lock and key not cooperating with me as I tried to close up that day, to almost have me explode right there. As I fought with that lock, everything I’d been feeling and worrying about surfaced, and the tears welled up so quickly… And at that very moment, Zee’s little hand touched my arm. “Mommy can I try to do it? You’re so tired, and now you’re hurting your hand.”

I froze. I’d been facing the other direction and she couldn’t see my eyes, but my child had picked up on the defeat I felt then, and I hated that I’d allowed her to see that. I blinked those tears away so quickly, smiled at her, and took a second to appreciate my child for the incredibly caring and considerate person she is. Then I showed that lock who’s boss, and we went home.

I couldn’t stop thinking as I drove, and after we got home. As parents, we do the heavy lifting – the cooking, fighting with them to eat their food, changing diapers, homeschooling or helping with homework after school… the list goes on, but our kids do their share too, and it’s so important to remember to appreciate that, and not let it get lost in the madness that is this world and the hectic lives we live today.

I thought about all the times Shawn had horrific days at work, and how quickly his mood was lifted by Zee just being Zee. Sometimes, watching our little ones play, or make silly faces, listening to them laugh, or squeal with delight can be the best therapy ever!

Life sucks so bad sometimes. And sometimes there’s not a lot you can do about it. You feel like you’re getting everything wrong. When your little person is so good, and kind, and caring though… when they come and give you a special hug, because they sense something has you down… You know that maybe you actually got something right after all.


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