Rand Show - Danone

Rand Show 2017

The last time Shawn and I went to the Rand Show was in 2004. It was a few months after we got married, and a few years before we had a Zee of our own. This year we decided to take our little person to the show. There's actually so much for kids to do [...]

Recipe | Banana Muffins

Those who know me, know I tend to shy away from baking anything which doesn't start out with a mix in a box. 🙈 Baking from scratch scares me - once it's in the oven, that's it... it's all too final for me. Cooking is different, you can always open the pot, taste, and add [...]

Candle dipping in Magaliesburg

We didn't travel far over the December/January holidays. If you caught some of my posts last month, you may remember we spent some of that time in Magaliesburg. It is the ideal spot for a quiet, restful break from the everyday hustle. Of course, there's only so much quiet and rest a child can handle before [...]

Black Horse Brewery

During our stay in Magaliesburg, we found Black Horse Brewery in a "things to do" brochure. I recognised the name from a post I'd seen on The Blessed Barrenness. Sharon had written about how fantastic the place is, so I knew we had to check it out. We headed to Black Horse late one afternoon for an early [...]

La Provence D’Afrique

On the first of January, our little family of three headed off to Magaliesburg. Most accommodation there was fully booked by the time we had started looking for something, which is how we ended up booking at La Provence D'Afrique. And I'm so happy that we did. It is very beautiful, very unique, and the [...]