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​We booked an EARLY morning flight… We’re probably never doing that again. 

Early morning flight

Last Thursday, we flew to Cape Town (yaaaaayyy!)… at 5:55 in the morning (eeek!). It may not sound all that bad for those of you living close to an airport. We, however, live 160 kilometers from this airport. 🙈

Also, none of us are early risers. Here’s why:

1. Shawn works a whole 6 minutes away from home. Even if he wakes up at 7:15am, he’ll still get to the office on time.

2. Zee gave up her daytime nap at the age of 3 and a half. Seeing as the only time she actually sleeps is at night, I always let her sleep in, in the mornings. Rest is good for her little body and mind, and that’s how I make sure she gets enough of it. Homeschooling allows for flexibility – some days we may start at 9:00am, and others later. It all depends on when my little sleeping beauty awakens.

3. Most nights we get to bed pretty late.

4. I just don’t like waking up early. 😋

Wednesday night

Back to last week… On Wednesday night Shawn and I were so worried we may not hear our alarms in the morning, and would miss our flight, that we barely slept! Seriously – I got in an hour, and he power napped for 30 minutes! 😮

He even got fully dressed for the next day after his shower on Wednesday night. I had dressed Zee after bath time too, so she’d be ready to go in the morning. I couldn’t do the same, as it would’ve meant wearing a bra longer than I absolutely needed to, and that’s just not how I do.

Early morning flight

Thursday morning

So there we were, at 3:00am, packing our bags into the car, and getting ready to leave. Being up that early is bad enough, being up that early in the middle of Winter is just painful. We let Zee sleep, and she eventually woke up on her own anyway. She’s never been up that early, poor kid looked so confused. As soon as she realized what day it was though, the excitement set in. “Mommy, daddy, we’re going to Cape Town!” 🙂

By 3:55am, we were all in the car. Of course, this was the day our gate motor decided to act up. The gate opened halfway, stopped, and made a loud noise. This had happened before, but those times we weren’t rushing to board an airplane! Fortunately, it worked again after Shawn’s first attempt at fixing it, and we could get on the road. It’s now 4:05am. Oh, did I mention that as we were about to leave the house, I’d started to feel nauseous? The gate delay only seemed to make it worse. Awesome.

We’d never used Lanseria International before, so I checked the distance on Google Maps… the arrival time worried me – 5:40am… exactly the same time boarding was scheduled to close. Oh. My. Goodness. The only positive thing I could think of was that I’d at least checked in online the day before. As Shawn drove, I kept watching that arrival time… 5:36… 5:41…5:27… 5:40… Nausea… crazy, crazy, stress induced nausea.

Thanks to my husband’s brilliant driving (high 5 babe), we were finally there, and parked safely in long term parking… at 5:25am (fuel stop included… oh ja, I knew I forgot something – on our already rushed and eventful trip, we almost ran out of fuel too).

A golf cart left with two other people just as we were getting out of the car, which meant we grabbed our bags and started running! The golf cart was on its way back as we ran, so we jumped on and headed to departures. Don’t think we’d ever gone through security and boarded so fast before!

Nausea update: it literally disappeared as soon as we stepped on that plane! Poor Shawn knocked out as soon as he was in his seat – exhaustion and stress will do that to you. I dozed off a few times, but my head kept flopping forward, and I woke up each time with a very sore neck.

As for Zee, our little person didn’t sleep at all! Once we were seated, she told me that she was super excited as it had been “sooo long” (2 years) since our last flight. She was determined to experience it all, so she was wide awake the entire flight. She adored the bright city lights when the plane took off, loved seeing we were in the fluffy clouds once it got brighter, and she was thrilled when we were above Cape Town and she could see the ocean.

So, all in all things worked out okay that morning. And having a proper long first day in our fave SA city was definitely a bonus. Still, I’m not sure I’d book a flight like that again… I mean we’re not morning people, we should embrace that. It was a brilliant, full day in Cape Town though, so maybe we will do a 6am flight again. But probably not. 😉




One Messy Mama

#WellnessWithZando – Encouraging a healthy lifestyle


If ever there was an excited little person, it was Zee yesterday (and in the days leading up to yesterday)! A little background: The WellnessWithZando event was scheduled for a week day. It was also the same day that Shawn was attending a full day work event. That meant I could only attend, if Zee could come with. When Lee-ann (who, btw, is the best) from Zando said Zee was welcome to attend, my little girl literally jumped for joy. “Mommy, I’m going to my first blogger event!” 😀

Here she is all warm and ready for #WellnessWithZando. Just look at that excited little face!


Wellness Warehouse and Zando have teamed up to emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This #WellnessWithZando event saw three speakers – Louise Pitot (eating psychology coach), Stefan Potgieter (CEO Fuel Foods), and Mark Wolff (endurance athlete) – educate us on nutrition and fitness.


The relaxed setting at Wellness Warehouse gave us a proper chance to meet some really lovely bloggers. NeetaZamaTebogoSarahZoeBronwynSamantha – ladies, it was great fun chatting, laughing, and trying out the yummy food and drinks with you! Zee thought you were pretty cool too. 🙂

It was so much fun at our table, I almost missed the chance to have a massage! Two amazing therapists from Rain Africa were there, and the magic in their hands and in those oils was real. I wish that neck and shoulder massage could’ve gone on for an hour or two!


I also had a bit of a fangirl/nerd moment when I met fashion/lifestyle blogger Jade. She’d come from Cape Town with Lee-Ann, as she handles social media for Zando. I’ve followed her blog for years, her pics are always so gorgeous, and she’s just as stunning in reality… so of course, I had to be all weird and like tell her this when I met her. 🙈




There were of course great goody bags too, but I’ll let Zee tell you more about that. Naturally that’s happening over on YouTube. 😀

I hope you enjoy the video!

Faircity Hotel Roodevallei

The long weekends in April and May, whilst AWESOME and much needed, made it difficult for some of us to adjust to regular school/work weeks after… Almost two weeks in, and I was still walking around like, “what day is it even?” 😕 (This also explains the delayed timing of this post.) During one of those long weekends, we stayed a night at Faircity Hotel Roodevallei.

The Faircity Roodevallei lies on the banks of the Pienaar’s River in Pretoria, surrounded by a nature reserve and a bird sanctuary. The hotel offers a relaxed bush setting within easy reach of Johannesburg and OR Tambo International Airport, complete with thatched roofs for a true African feel.

Friendly, efficient staff

Excellent service starts right at the front gate, where we were greeted with a friendly smile by Lucky, and then an equally warm welcome from Elvis at the second gate before heading inside. We were assisted at reception by Junior. He kindly offered to walk with us to two different rooms, so we could have a look inside, and decide on which one we preferred. The hotel has a bit of a resort feel – a walk outside to get to the rooms, swimming pools on the very large property, grassy areas with jumping castles for the kids to play on. We opted for a riverside room, with two double beds.

The room

The room we stayed in is spacious enough for a family of three like ours, or four. The beds make for a comfortable night’s rest. The bathroom is big, with a separate bathtub and shower. There’s a faux balcony – you can open the sliding door, but you’re not actually stepping outside. The only complaint about the room (and it is a small one) is that the water in the bathroom takes a pretty long time to heat up.

The food

We did the buffet dinner at their restaurant that night. There were the usual options – curry, roasts, etc. The food was okay, nothing special, and being tired and hungry after a long day I didn’t take any photos. Breakfast the next morning was great. The lady cooking the eggs was lovely, and giggled when I told her I didn’t want much in my omelette, but I did need loads of cheese. I apologize for having dug in before taking the photo… I’m one of those people who always wakes up ravenous… Oh, no one else? Just me? Okay. 😋

Overall, Faircity Hotel Roodevallei is great accommodation for when you want to be away from it all for a while. That wasn’t our plan this time, therefore just the one night stay. Rates are pretty reasonable too (we paid just under R1000 for the room with two double beds, AND dinner + breakfast), so definitely worth looking at if you’re heading that way.

Faircity Hotels Roodevallei

Faircity Hotel - reception

Faircity Hotel - Room

Faircity Hotel - Room

Faircity Hotel - room view

Faircity Hotel - Zee

Faircity Hotel - breakfast