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Euro Holiday – With A Tiny Tot {part 1}

Travel - Paris is always a good idea

In December 2012/January 2013, we spent two weeks in Paris, and a week in Hanover. It was our first overseas holiday with Zee, and we were quietly terrified about how such a trip would go with a toddler.

My first fear – the eleven hour flight – quickly disappeared when Zee fell asleep less than an hour into the flight. She proceeded to sleep for eight glorious hours. Hubby was unconscious for most of the flight as well 😛

It was a little uncomfortable for me – this was self-inflicted though… you see I wanted Zee to lie down and sleep nicely on both her seat and mine, so I ended up right at the edge of my seat, squished against the window. I’d do it all over again though, as I’d take a blissfully asleep munchkin over a tired, restless, crying one any day! I didn’t get much sleep, but I did catch up on a bunch of movies (score!). 😀

Booking a night flight was definitely a great idea. After that amazing sleep, Zee was happy and fresh when we landed at Charles De Gaulle airport. We were at the hotel in a few minutes, and the friendly, helpful staff got our room ready for an early morning check in, which was great. We were able to shower, and rest for a bit, then start our sightseeing bright and early. 🙂

We stayed at Suite Novotel Paris Roissy CDG. It’s quite a distance out of the city centre, but the free shuttle to the airport, where you can take the train to wherever, sorts out that problem. The room was really spacious, and the beds (one double and one single) were comfy. I wouldn’t mind staying there again. Hint hint hubby… please feel free to book another holiday to Paris, I won’t complain. *Giggle… Snort*

Travel - Zee and Bubbles
Zee and Bubbles, ready for take off 🙂
Travel - flight films
Mommy’s in-flight entertainment
Travel - hotel check in
At the hotel, waiting to check in
Travel - at the hotel
Chill session, before hitting the town 🙂

That’s all for now. Hubby and Zee have been tucked in nice and warm, fast asleep for a while now (notice a pattern?), and I’m sitting here with frozen toes – it’s just wrong. ‘Til next time. Goodnight.




The Never-Ending Toy Story



When I watched all three Toy Story movies with Zee, I never imagined they were actually based on real life events. You see, my child’s toys really do come to life when I’m not looking. How do I know this? Well, the other day I picked up a bunch of toys from the lounge and took them to Zee’s room. She was distracted by something, which is the only way I’m able to do that without the usual “no mommyyyyy, I NEED those!”

Anyway, off I went to the kitchen, and when I walked back into the lounge, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’d only been a few minutes, and just like that, the aforementioned toys were back! There was no way my tiny angel could’ve brought all of them back there so quickly. And there was no one else at home.

And that’s when it hit me… The Toy Story phenomenon is real! These toys have been walking around, partying up a storm, and getting up to all kinds of mischief whenever I’m not there. They probably just freeze and drop wherever they are the second they hear my voice, which is why I find them lying all over the place. Zee’s Jessie doll is always involved in the mayhem, so I’m guessing she’s the leader of the pack. The grin kinda’ gave her away too.

I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that my home will never be mine again. I can tidy up all I like… but when you have a bunch of play-addicted toys running wild, what’s a mom to do? So from now on, when visitors arrive, I won’t feel bad and apologize for the state my home is in. It’s out of my control, there really is no way to keep it looking decent. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.