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BB SquareOff Lunchbox Edition – Ham & Cheese Robot Bento Box

This post is especially for our readers in KZN. 

BB Bakeries’ BB SquareOff is back, and I was asked to be a part of it and create a meal for the Lunchbox Edition. 😊

With kids returning to school for a brand new year, moms and dads once again face the daily dilemma – what to make for lunch… and more importantly, how to keep it interesting, so the little people actually want to eat it. And yes, for those wondering, the struggle is the same for homeschooling moms too. 

To add to this particular struggle, as soon as we returned to SA last week, Zee and I came down with a really bad cold (or flu – I never know anymore). According to Zee, it’s actually allergies to being back from holiday. 😂

Our BB SquareOff mystery box arrived the next day, and I decided to keep the lunchbox simple (but adorable) with a bento box that I hoped my little person would enjoy.

BB SquareOff

Ham and cheese robot sarmie

For our girly robot, I used 2 BB squares, Woolworths beechwood smoked ham, a slice of Gouda cheese, and cream cheese instead of mayo or any sauce. I made the sandwich, then used a knife to cut out my robot shape, as I don’t have a robot sandwich or cookie cutter. I cut pieces of the BB Squares to make her little bow, Gouda for her eyes and mouth, ham for her heart, cucumber for her arms, and a tomato for her legs. 😊

BB SquareOff
BB SquareOff

Cheeseburgers and Wraps

I placed small slices of cheese and cucumber between two halves of a tomato, and used toothpicks to hold the tiny “cheeseburgers” together.

I also spread cream cheese on lettuce leaves, peeled and halved mini cucumbers lengthwise, and wrapped them in ham.

A few tomatoes and cucumber slices completed the box, just in case she needed more (she loves both).

BB SquareOff

BB SquareOff

The good news is Zee loved the bento box. Now my little lunchbox creation will go up against three others in the BB SquareOff. Keep an eye on BB Bakeries Facebook page for all the details on how to vote for our cute little robot to win. 😉

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